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Origin Digital Arcade Sale Take up to 90% OFF through May 14th.



EA’s first party titles are also heavily discounted on Amazon too.

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Oh cool, thanks for the info


Thanks, @TR3NT :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh wow, thanks!


Menown, only really wanted Alice Madness Returns, doesn’t seem like that one is sale. Cool share.


Y’all are very welcome. And i just picked up BF4, BF1 Revolution, & Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition all for $9 USD. Is this EA going out of business sale or something? lol.


Eep! Hope not. I not too long ago got Crysis 2 and Mirror’s Edge from the fluffies. Hee hee.

More likely: they’re up to something. A new release of somemat is coming and they’re trying to get some attention (and coin).


Probably, It’s just weird seeing most of their games this low.


If they go out of business, what happens to all the IPs they raped to death?


That will be too the highest bidder so probably Ubi or Epic. lol :rofl:



I don’t think I’ve played an Ubi-branded game since Splinter Cell: Conviction and I won’t touch Epic with a 10-foot pole. I think Fortnite is raising the current generation of future high-school dropouts.


Burnout Paradise Remastered for $3. If it didn’t have cancer I would buy that without a second thought.


Up to 90 per cent cuz it’s 85 per cent here lool (well im in the uk hehe)
Still good discounts but ye


I think that one is just a joke and some may not like me for being upset for seeing something like this but if you feel that is the case, it’s more so on the players, parents and their surroundings. Epic should shoulder some of that blame if they were proven to cause some negative harm towards children but to put it on Epic mainly just feels like finger pointing more and less on protecting the innocent or whatever.
Case in point, lots of Rockstar games were lambasted due to the affiliation of GTA and its similar gameplay. And some people thought that games like Minecraft and FNAF are a bad influence in some fashion towards minors with everyone memeing about its so called “crappy” fandom and how “cringey” they are (the whole cringe culture thing at least ended or subsided substantially after that era mostly). Yet they grew up and as far as I know are functioning teenagers or even adults.
Again, I’m sure it is a joke or an exaggeration but to blame a good portion of it to Epic seems a little too inconclusive at this stage. Take it from me, someone who doesn’t really like Fortnite, and if you disagree then so be it. This is just my viewpoints and if you want to counter it then be my guest.


:slight_smile:I appreciate what you wrote a lot because it mirrors my thoughts and is stated better than I could have stated those thoughts.

Fortnite is raising a generation of future drop-outs because the schools, parents, families, friends are all-in on not nurturing the actual kids. It’s all a scam and if a parent doesn’t notice or doesn’t care that their 12 year old has played 10 hours of fortnite every day during lockdown but NOT done their lockdown schoolwork, there’s a fuckin’ big problem them.


Is the game THAT bad?


I have played the heck out of Burnout Paradise. I refuse to buy the remastered version on origin because they decided to put e-cancer into a 10 year old game (at the time of release).


Going to grab Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Ultimate Edition (the new one, not the classic one) its only 4,99€


Again, I see your point. But frankly I hear this sort of stuff with WOW too back when that was more popular (well I was in my formative years but based on internet jokes anyway): people keep joking that it would ruin your life because you are addicted as fuck into it. Yet as far as I can tell they seem to be the minority or eventually grew out of it. Perhaps Blizzard did get into trouble back in WOW’s heyday but I don’t know if it went to some sort of legal ramifications. But maybe I don’t hear it more recently so it would be cool if an article or social media link is posted here.
Even today, I hear some people I know probably staying up all night to play video games or at least playing until like early morning on top of sometimes crappy sleeping times, but they still get good grades, at least enough to proceed. Granted, they are mostly college aged so they have more responsibility and control than those in secondary or primary school(or high, middle and elementary school if you prefer I suppose). So take that what you will. But generally again I don’t want to put too much blame on Epic Games; I’m willing to bet their parental controls are weak as hell anyway and if they did more drastic measures something is bound to go seriously wrong.
As I said, Epic Games, if they were found to have screwed up enough people’s lives, they could be in some trouble, though how much is yet to be seen. Maybe I’m too positively biased on Epic Games, as I personally do not hate the EGS as much as some people here do and feel the hatred is a little extreme to my tastes, but I generally leave that discussion alone for the most part. I just think if Fortnite is truly one of the causes of increased dropouts and such, whether direct or not, blaming it as a main cause, again, undermines the more internal but more severe issue.


Please don’t paint ALL of Gen Z like that. It’s not fair. NTM in my 65 years almost 66, I have seen EVERY OLDER generation say that about the younger generation. I have seen many bright, inquisitive and caring younger people grow up to be decent citizens. Every generation has it’s bad apples. Never write an entire generation off because of that.