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then I’m rather happy to hear a good percentage of them play Fortnite honestly; at least that keeps them away from rly bad shit


What about the older middle aged people and mums who suggest that you can get covid from 5g :joy:
I think conspiracies and going around everywhere. Okay there are a ton of stupid challenges online and people doing them but thats not everyone. There always been people doing dumb shit whenever.

Like what do you expect with people who are raised so closely to technology. They gonna act like adapted to the tech world, even more so that people before that. Them babies playing ipads and little kids with phones.
But yes fortnite sucks haha


Being a teacher is one of the hardest job on the planet and I know you get paid diddly squat for your efforts too. I don’t envy you at all. No offence taken. I blame the parents for most of it. And with all that has happened and IS happening, everyone is on pins and needles just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Everyone’s nerves are raw.

I just know we have young ones on this forum and I didn’t want them to get upset and think we all feel that way about them.

So now you all can go back to your discussion about Epic games, WOW and Fortnite. Sorry for the interruption.

Peace and out of here.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I feel you dude. I taught for 4 years in private schools in Egypt, and though ofc we can’t compare the kind of kids i had to deal with (spoiled brats, mostly pretty ignorant, some close to illiteracy although they’d be in grade 5, 6, 7), I ended up quitting teaching (though i loved and still love teaching, but now i just teach my own kids now and then) because the kids own you cuz it’s all business and schools rather fire teachers than stand up to parents who complain although their kids are behaving like shits.

I had administration telling me time and time again that i wasnt allowed to take their breaks away or put a kid in the hallway when they’d keep crossing the line; i was pressured into changing exam results to make kids who didnt deserve it pass, and when i stood up to the principal and refused to do so, they just changed them themselves and then tried to hide that from me (as if you can hide that from the teacher :man_facepalming:). I didn’t inform the parents (though i wanted to) cuz i knew i’d just get fired and i had my own kids to feed, etc. etc.

Though i love teaching, those years were pure torture for me cuz there was no respect whatsoever, and in the end there wasn’t much teaching going on cuz the kids could basically do what they wanted and teachers were mostly glorified baby sitters or something like that.

I hope to God I’ll never have to go back in that system; must be great teaching in Japan or something like that, I feel, and last year i even spent a whole year without a job, and i just didnt go back, lol. We were often hungry then, but as long as we could survive with some freelancing or help from my mom, i just kept looking for a job and finally ended up getting a good one, not in that shit setting, thank God.


One last anecdote on this teaching thing though: back in secondary my group, Year 11s, did not really like the Year 7s as far as I can tell. Not all obviously but they seem discontent towards some of them. I personally don’t socialise too much so that’s why I didn’t feel the same way they felt towards them. The experiences I did have with them weren’t negative, I can say that. Truth be told I forgot they even felt that until a mention about the whole Gen Z being spoiled thing. That made me wonder if the previous Year 11s think of us Year 7s back then like how we did to ours and the ones beforehand.
Really sucks this generational bias has to exist, all it does is keep us further apart than we already are.


Truth, I’m sure it happens to all generation at some point but the recent attack both on millennials and Gen Z have gone over the line at times but that might be because we have the internet so its easier to see the stupid people posting there stupid actions.

Sidenote: lets move back on topic, but if y’all want to still talk about this make a new topic and merge the comments.


Anyone else take advantage of this 90% up thing? What did you get?