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Opinions on Stadia


Yup exactly, they are mad because they can’t find a way to double charge people and didn’t get a license deal from Nvidia. The funny thing is this service would probably lead to more sales. Someone unable to upgrade their computer can finally buy games that they would not normally have the hardware to run. I am sure there are lots of people that did buy these games for that reason and now they are left with no way to play. I really hope Steam honors every single refund related to this issue. Then these devs say that Nvidia never asked to be on their service, which is ridiculous as they only provide a hardware service, but this has been in beta for years and none of these devs had a problem that entire time. Pure scummy greed and it is sad to see :frowning:


Sadly this eulas and tos didnt change that much in years. We never owned the game but with this, more and more devs will change their eulas and tos to dont let us play with services like gfn.

The bad thing about this is, that it is entirely our own fault, because usually no one cares about the eulas or tos when we install programs or games so, in the future the majority will click next anyway and accept all those contracts so devs will have power over what we pay.




So did anyone else here actually test Stadia?
I spent 3 months with it, played Destiny 2, Thumper, GYLT, etc. on it. It’s not terrible. But it’s also not for me - I have the hardware to play any of those, easily @ better resolutions and framerates than what they were offering. Best I ever got on Stadia was 1080p60, most of the time 1080p30, and sometimes downgraded to 720p30 or worse for their server-side problems (my connection was clean as a whistle for testing purposes, 35MB/s or 300+ Mbps bare minimum, Stadia usage never broke 6).

So 1) the 4K was a lie. 2) the 60fps was also a lie (most of the time). 30fps is playable for turn-based or single-player, although not preferable, but playing Destiny 2 at 30fps is humiliating AND frustrating. Just get crushed in multiplayer/deathmatch events. Also, some pretty gnarly screen tearing is common, which is a jarring experience.

All of those issues would be liveable though if there was a robust library of games and I didn’t have to repurchase games on a new platform if I already own them. For $10/month, I expect a lot more than an ancient MMO (Destiny 2), a rhythm QTE (Thumper), and a Farming Simulator (yes, they gave away Farming Simulator). Seriously, Google, you can afford to negotiate 1 AAA new(ish) game every month for $10. That’s $120/year, and you lose access when not paying, so it’s effectively a rental license, even cheaper to negotiate from the studio.

As for GeForce Now, I think that’s such a cool idea/service and I’m pissed that devs are pulling their games from it. nVidia is a very big, very rich company though, so the devs are thinking they can squeeze them for money, even though this is one of their tiny side projects a couple of their engineers put together and those geniuses are knocking it out of the park with integration, compatibility, and quality. Such a good idea.

Considering the long-term prospects, I think 2-3 major services can survive in the streaming gaming space. So far, only GeForce Now deserves a spot. I’d be curious what Valve is cooking behind the scenes, but knowing them it will take 10 years and 2 failed alphas before they finally release it.


Publishers or devs, there will be moments where the game is published and developed by the same team.


Found this gem in my email a few days ago:

They’re desperate, but not that desperate


Now that I still see ads about stadia, did anyone bought it recently can tell us if its working better¿? worse¿? Last review I saw was from Gamers nexus and I it had lots of issues and very bad app decissions


Hey guys, fuck Stadia, but has anyone tried the controller? I kinda collect controllers, or at least, one of each modern one.

I have XB1, DS4, Switch Pro, and Steam Controllers, and I was wondering if it would be worth to add the Stadia Controller to my collection, or if it’s hot trash.

Thanks in advance, anyone!


According to one or two of the reviews linked earlier in this thread the controller was pretty much shit, both in function and construction.


I obviously just guessing purely from photos and videos out there on the internet but it looks way too bulky. I mean Xbox controller is pretty phat as well but it has that shape which lets your hands fit snuggly around it and reach everything without much hassle .

This one on the other hand looks like it has phatness of xbox controller but shape of a dualshock which doesnt really let you wrap your hands comfy around it ( dualshock is saved by it’s generally leaner profile and smaller size ) .


Everyone whenever they see something remotely positive about Stadia:


Sorry XD Im lost here in the “joke”¿?