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Opinions on Stadia



If it went the EGS way, yeah it’d be more justified, because then how’d you archive them when their services inevitably purge? But it’s just another toss at the streaming service for games. One that would fail miserably but something that exists merely as a punchline in a few years from now.


I didn’t care about stadia. At most I thought it was an interesting idea that would be very very difficult unless you are on google fiber.

I thought it would be a subscription for a bunch of games like or xbox game pass. But you still have to buy the game and that’s the least of their problems as more people try it. Although that iput lag…reminds me of 2008 :wink: But of course the problem is amplified when the input has to send information and get the information back to your computer. Bonus points if you use a wireless controller for an small extra layer of input lag. If Stadia was free (with advertisements or something), I would put up with input lag and other annoyances. But it’s not so I won’t.

I predict another google glass and google+ result. They made something nobody asked for but seems like a cool idea.


Yeah, wait because it seems amazon will try too XD they have better cloud, or bigger dont know. But as I said in my first comment here… no matter how big your company or cloud is. If the infrastructure for the rest of the world doesnt work. It will fail even if you are the best company in the world but the isp on most countries fail to give good internet and ping to the ppl.

EDIT: OH and @GDBringer Im wondering what will happen when google kills this system and every game there, what happen to the players that gave it a shot and pay for suscription and games on stadia¿? games old and suscription for the 4k and surround. Money back¿? fuck off response¿? apologize and bye¿?


When it works it seems pretty good. I still absolutely despise this future but I do believe streaming will be mainstream relatively soon.


The best thing in their ad is the puppy dog…So Cute!!!

Couldn’t resist. Made it into a poorly made Gif.



Awwww :yellow_heart:


That looks to me like the dog is having PTSD flashbacks or something, the solid unflinching stare makes the eyes appear to fill with despair.


My thoughts exactly XD And its an oficial ad for stadia?


I said it was “poor”. All did was resize, mess with the frame rate and convert…


Looking the ad… my god, as the ad shows I see stadia working when we arrive to the modern and futuristic era of Fliying cars and spaceships. When everyone in the world can connect via wifi or other stupid new speed conections to the network and play last remastered version of skyrim on watches, fridges and TVs… till then


It’s a future that Google wants, but have they considered what we want?


Estimated units sold are at 175,000 which is abysmal for such calibre product. But what did they expect really? It’s at Beta state at best.


Its a future that every company wants, for easy sell us shit mtx and have more power over what we buy. Every company will jump to this when the system start to work well. The problem is probably ppl will jump too with time, right now there are ppl liking the concept of get rid of the hardware. Then will complain about always online or mtx or whatever evil shit they invent to empty our wallets.

I hope to be dead by the time this comes as an standar in the industry XD. But if not… well :man_shrugging: I will laught a lot if comunity start to complain about what they lose with this system.

btw, if the system becomes standar, think on old games, selled again for cloud streaming, or new games that you bought, but 3 years later google think “its not worth anymore to keep the game” then they delete it and give you tokens for a game you bought to buy again any other new game. XD

Sorry, maybe Im being too negative, but the “get rid of the hardware” positivity thing with cloud gaming is not enough for me. I feel we will lose more than gain.


I see the concern, but IMO I think there is a good chance that a physical system will still be around alongside a cloud system is there. Once the technology matures I think there will find a better way to implement them both, as right now as you can observe there is a concern on actually owning these games long term, at least compared to console releases which still have physical releases (although they might be digital exclusive too, but that doesn’t come up as often I guess).
I know I’m being dangerously optimistic, as there is a chance that what you predict may come true. It’s a legit tragedy that physical media in PC games are practically extinct probably due to the fall of demand for discs and digital being seen as the future or whatever because I could be horribly wrong in every level. Have you seen very recent PCs with disc drives? Probably you do but not as often as you’d like, at least in my experience. The latest physical release i got was Crysis 2, and even that was purchased second hand for some charity thing in my college, and the activation code can be used on Origin anyway so :P. And that is the only physical PC release I own and probably the only one I might ever buy.


Cant remember the last game I bought in physic state, but right now digital is for me the middel point where we have some power even being a license what you buy compared to the streaming, where I think you are just buying smoke on the cloud. I understand the appeal for some ppl to this system, but maybe they want to jump to this system without knowing the pros and cons on the system, they just see “Oh, I just only need a good speed conection and I will play at 4k” so they stop buying hardware and just throw any personal power on the games they buy. Then google or any company that in the end make this work will have the power to throw any shit unfair to the customer knowing they have all the power because you already accept the EULA without reading anything. Thats nearly like waste your money badly

Not against the growing tech but being the infrastructure problem to work on streaming or customer problems, this system is still underground, and before the launch of stadia I did only read positive comments about how this is the future, without knowing at all what they will lose.

I have friends for example that love mods and modding or play with old games revisiting them because of mods or whatever, but they think stadia or streaming systems are the future. They brutally change they thoughts on stadia when I explain to them how the system works and how they will lose that option