Opinions on Stadia

I’ve just skimmed through the Stadia AMA and I was wondering - what is your take on Stadia?

Here’s the link to the AMA if you want to look through it too: https://www.reddit.com/r/Stadia/comments/ceuy4w/hi_im_andrey_doronichev_and_im_the_director_of/


you can read lots of opinions from ppl regarding that here:


I have no interest in Stadia itself because lul Comcast and because my gaming habits don’t work well with this sort of service. But I am hoping that Stadia lead to improvements in YouTube’s content ID and make it less prone to false positives, lest it break Google’s plans to integrate Stadia with YT.


TBH, I’m not really angry of it’s existence, at worst apathy, and as long as there are other options for permanent keeping it wouldn’t be too bad. Cloud is an emerging technology and it has been done before, but now would be a hot commodity given Google and Microsoft’s recent involvement. Still, I agree that it would be a hard sell given the price of broadband, fear of losing media, saves, and that buying a semi decent gaming PC can be built for roughly the same price point, give or take. I like the concept of it and I hope that it becomes like Netflix or Amazon Video, for example, but even streaming is starting to get flack with new competitors like Disney+ given the huge prices and aggravating exclusivity, so gaming would have an even rougher journey ahead. I’m a little more optimistic, I’ll be honest. Maybe too honest but I would have to see how it does at release and its subsequent months and years


I wasn’t expecting every company to jump on the cloud bandwagon so quickly. Most of us probably knew it would happen eventually but seeing it pushed so hard is kind of scary.
If/when it becomes the norm I might just quit modern games all together.


Hate it, the idea is fine, but if Google takes games hostage (aka making them exclusives) that’s a huge middle finger from me.


This shitshow is set to launch today, the 19th. Washington post and others have already tested it out and I’m sure we’re all going to be super surprised with how it turned out.

Still even has you sit through loading screens from what it looks like, though hard to tell for how long


Well … are you actually surprised ? :slight_smile:

Me neither.


I read this earlier today:

I think it’s something I am going to stay away from for the time being…

and this:


comparable to a quote from the first article that I found very informative:

The share button did let me save 30-second clips and screenshots to the Stadia app, but even then, I couldn’t do much with them. They were just trapped inside the app with no way to download or share them. I mean, I could screenshot the screenshots? But like…why?


Of course google claims they will use machine learning, as they always do and which always works out so well, to offset the latency by predicting user input. Because watching google AI play games for us is sure to be very engaging

This “solution” wont even be available for about 2 years.


Ooooo… Are we all going to be cheaters because of perfect tool-assisted movement and button presses that might have otherwise not been our actual intentions?

Two years down the line, I can see that headline: Google Stadia accidentally banned users for tool-assisted exploits used in latency offsetting software.


I think you are more likely to see the headline in 6 months:
Google Shuts Down Stadia After Months of Low Subscriptions.


Hopefully it fails even harder than it already does.


Well the launch went well…
In all seriousness, we always have our wallets.


I think the biggest issue is bandwidth quotas and Google’s confidence in the good of companies.

I personally don’t suffer of this problem, my ISP gives us an unrestricted service, and my bandwidth has been upgraded twice with no additional cost because they just keep upgrading their infrastructure.

But this is not the case on every country, I know that in the US ISPs have pretty much a monopoly on their respective regions, and there’s countless reports of how they just don’t give a toss about their clients if the whole shitshow last year about the open web wasn’t enough to leave that clear.


Me when I see that tech Jesus has reviewed stadia


Seeing the reviews and how it works it will fail and I will be greatfull if that happens. In my opinion the system is not ready, neither the infrastructure in some countries, as I said a lot of times, this system to succed it needs to work for everyone, not only those with good ping and speed conections. Still thinking this is focused to those casual gamers who arrive from work, not wanting at all to bother with installations or technical problems, and here I put togheter pc and console players. Because yes, those ppl exists too on pc.

Maybe all of this ppl dont really care in transforming their entertaiment to suscription like netflix and lose the control over their games. I do, sorry, for me its not like watching anime, movies or shows wich I do occasionally, its my hobby and sometimes I like to revisit old games or try to mod them. Old Doom modding comunity is still very much alive because of this, we will lose this in the future if this system becomes the standar.

Besides this, I really dont like the bussiness behind the “streamed games”, long ago we did worry about the lose of control over what we buy or not when the digital came to stay. Yes steam is a platform that can dissapear, but thats not very likely at the moment, neither the big ones. Yes you are buying licenses to use the product or game, the game in reallity is not yours. But with streaming¿? you lose more control, no data, just your saves on the cloud or computer plus, no modding, probably less options to config things on the game (anyway looking the reviews the games looked a lot blurry so). If the platform dissapears, and google like to kill his inventions a lot, you will lose every game there if they dont bring any solution,. At least with steam we have games free DRM (yes I didnt know but, it seems there are games DRM free that works perfectly without steam) and we have gog.com and gog connect. Oh or if an old game is not worth to be kept on the servers can be deleted, but thats a minor for casuals if they are more interested only in new releases, resume: Netflix (Always hate when netflix had the page from an old movie but cant be watched)

As a player that considers games as a hobby this system as standar on the gaming industry is a big no for me, as an option for those casual gamers¿? Im ok with that. Plus I like hardware in general, it will be pretty rare if companies like nvidia, amd, asus or anyone stop to sell us products to supply google for their machines. Hardware building comunity is raising.

Long post sorry, and sorry again if my english had mistakes, is not my native language :slight_smile:


I like how everybody got scared about the future of cloud gaming, then we all remembered it was an experimental Google product and knew instantly that it would go nowhere…


I think OnLive was enough of experiment… or is that every company have to do an experiment every few years to test if can work¿? XD