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Only 8-bit platformers in the store?


I’ve been watching a steady stream of the 8-bit platforming games in the shop for what seems like almost 2 months now. Say that some of us aren’t really interested in the early 90’s - will there ever be any newer offerings such as games from this century or games people have actually heard of? Something worth playing for more than 5 minutes perhaps.

How about a new model for coin redemption - trading them in for something else such as a coupon for $5 off a game listed in the daily sale? I bet a lot of people would buy the coupons since coins are just accumulating for many.

Sorry for any tone.


I’m up for some 16 bit platformers as well.


those should be only a few years away at this point


I think the coupon idea was already discussed before in this section so I won’t expand on that. Do you have any ideas for coin shop games that you think would be reasonable in the store?



Cyberpunk 2077


Of course …

All of them are wishlisted.
I hope those qualify… oh … wait!


is kingdom a platformer?


These are great suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Hopefully we see one or more of them in the future. They watch the feedback threads so you never know… We did have Dead Cells and Earthfall, both of which aren’t cheap.


I think Earthfall is a bad example as it’s a game that’s reliant on playerbase numbers, which aren’t exactly skyhigh. By dealing with Chrono the game benefits too so it’s a mutual transaction.

Please not Fez…if it had been a Nintendo-esque plaformer I’d have enjoyed it, but the mind bending puzzler it is, well I can safely say I was glad to be done with it.

Would like to throw in -


I’d also suggest these:


I’m personally awaiting an onslaught of 32-bit throwbacks. Smooth sprite animations, tacky 3D graphics and cheesy FMVs with better, but still bad 3D graphics, awesome music ala the Mega Man X games on the PSX/Saturn.


Anything which doesn’t look like a Sega Master System game. I didn’t see a thread about converting coins to coupons - do you have a link to the thread? Not enough interest to exchange coins for coupons?


Could we trade our coins for some coupons from these places too?

Getting games is one thing, but we need toilet paper and cereal too.


Been completely into this game in the last couple of days:

It’s absolutely amazing though with quite a bit of difficulty toward the middle-late game. I think I am pretty close to the end of the game, but the last boss (that I played) has me wondering if I will ever finish. Though there are built-in even mid-boss check points that make it not so intolerable. It’s just a really cool platforming game with a fantastic script (imagine a really long movie that has a good story line) and a ton of pop culture references.

It’s completely underrated and under-played in terms of audience attention.

I will be writing a complete review soon…


not exact but in the same vein:

I’m sure there are others, but that’s what I could find in a couple minutes. About to get off my lunch break now though :slight_smile:


Ok, Boomer

don’t u get it? it’s time for 32-bit or even 64-bit games!!! (or coupons for stitching supplies)

It’s 2020 goshdarnit


coupons for cakes and pastry? one step closer to the Dream
one day we will be able to use coins to buy cakes
i’m sure
i’ll just patiently collect my coins waiting for that


I got excited, went to the coin shop, and there’s not a single 8-bit platformer there ):


now that is just sad


Now imagine how much will 16-bit games cost in coin shop … /s