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Only 8-bit platformers in the store?


Up to a max of 65535.


It’s under-played because most folks don’t care for 2D platforming games anymore. I wouldn’t mess with that game even if it was free.


you see, that’s your loss. I suspect you must be quite young. I’m 39 and I can’t wait to play that game, and I’ve been playing The Messenger atm, and it’s awesome, but then again, I grew up with such games, so that might be the difference between us.

That doesn’t mean I don’t play RDR2 atm as well, and next will be Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and then Control, and I should get back to Ass Creed Odyssey as well…




nah, it should be about 13.5k below that actually, pretty sure


I think it’s underplayed due to lack of exposure, with all of the junk games that come onto the Steam platform on a daily basis. It’s a hidden gem that’s not had enough attention.

I am glad that by the giveaways on Epic it will garner a lot more attention.

I am only saddened by the fact that you feel that 2D platforming games are no longer a worthy-even-free style of game. I completely agree with @M00 and @KSib, I had to reread your line a few times to make sure I was understanding it properly.


good luck trying to convince that to the hordes of people eagerly awaiting Hollow Knight Silksong, or Ori and the Will of the Wisps, etc, etc, etc :+1: