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OMG this Payoneer thing sucks


Paid $40 DHL just to get the damn card here, in addition to $30 yearly costs for it, just to be able to finally buy shit online, and it turns out Humble doesn’t accept it for the Humble Monthly cuz “it’s considered a prepaid card” although it’s a frikkin debit mastercard, Epic doesn’t accept it and i don’t know why yet (i didn’t rly wanna buy anything from them but Trover Saves the Universe at $11.99 due to local pricing is an insanely good deal given that the game is $30), and Steam doesn’t allow me to add funds to my Steam wallet (was getting worried they wouldn’t so wanted to test) because:

especially that last line i dont get; i mean, how can it not be associated with a local address if my frikkin billing address is the same physical location i’m trying to buy the funds from and is the very same address which the card’s account is registered in???

basically, this card is practically useless to me


It appears that whatever account you have is based in the US, Japan, or one of a few European countries based on a Quora question that was suspiciously answered multiple times by the same marketing bullshit with different accounts.

That would be why steam is having a fit. The card has an address in one of those countries.

I personally use PayPal, but I also live in the US, so I wouldn’t encounter this.


well, i guess i have to cross the Atlantic Ocean (and the Mediterranean Sea first) just to add $5 to my Steam account now … u know … just to make sure it actually works…


Have you tried to connect it to paypal or another service first.
I swear pre-paid cards with the mastercard logo are meant to work, or maybe thats just for visa…
Perhaps if you want steam games you could buy a steam giftcard first…XP


can’t connect it to paypal; that used to be possible but paypal decided to no longer want to do that in 2014, probably cuz it’s in their better interest to do so given that this is a (however small) competitor for their business

can’t buy giftcards in this country, though they can be found in some rare instances if yr willing to order them from shady online stores and pay double their value


can you use payoneer to buy those visa/master card/online prepaids that can be attached to paypal or is accepted by other place ex steam?


no idea dude, but the payoneer is a frikkin mastercard and is basically connected to a bank account in the US

I was able to buy a bundle on Humble as well as a game on chrono just fine so afaik this is just these companies acting stupid (what the hell difference does it make for Valve where my bank account is based in relation to me; $5 = $5 and why the hell does Humble accept me buying a bundle but refuses to sell me the monthly; they’d get the money upfront regardless so wtf)

in any case i’ve got no idea, but even if there was, then i’d still have to pay those yearly costs for that card too in addition to also paying to get that here through DHL (if they even offer that service, was lucky that payoneer is willing to do that in the first place) cuz regular postal services here is basically the same as throwing a message in a bottle in the ocean and hoping it breaks but a tuna swallows the card and then that card fits exactly in the tuna can that i happen to buy in the supermarket a while later…


no clue, might be something baked into their verification system/fraud that makes them deny that type/location swap for those specific purchases, but i agree it’s weird (but then again when have Valve not been weird)
since i’m not very well versed in online gift cards and prepaids or digital steam wallet cards sites, can’t really suggest anything else, except perhaps take it up with support maybe to see if there is wiggle room to get it applied to your steam funds, keep yer chin up -and hopefully you’ll find some sorta workaround to get better/full use of this payoneer thingy
best of luck man :hugs:


good thing i kept a chunk of my Steam wallet just in case, I guess. And I guess I’m just going to have to go back to steam market hustling too, though I’m so done with that and was so glad i no longer was going to have to do it. It’s been 2 months i think since i quit that, and i guess my early retirement was just a break, but i rly rly rly dont feel like going back to doing that shit again…


i’ve no clue how trustworthy those digital steam wallet card sites are, but if those places lets you pay with your payoneer/MasterCard-like, then that could at least be a way to maybe get around the trading hassle a bit, with steam anyway
not sure if you’ve looked into something like virtual cards/Skrill, tho that might ofc also just run into the same potential issue of "wrong location"
really hope you manage to get a solution working so you don’t have to bother with the “second job” :upside_down_face:


(might be a dumb question) but would a vpn help at all?


The VPN might take away that local pricing option though for him.


using a VPN here takes you straight to jail is what it is (and im not joking [and, in fact, just saying this could also land me in jail for "spreading ‘fake’ negative news about the country with the ‘intent’ to ‘destabilize’ it and hence there’s the immediate attached possibility of being branded a foreign spy to that] and, again, im not joking), now just for the sake of self-preservation: im talking about Wakanda, ppl, i hope we’re all clear on that (u too, social media bot supervisors :wink: and btw I don’t use Facebook, but u better believe that if i were a Facebook user, for example, I’d never dare say something like that there, and for good, real reason)

got a local friend here who’s willing to buy me the Humble monthly for a year with his paypal though (the plan is to let him access my account and buy a year-long sub) and I can just give it to him in cash whenever i see him later

so, yeah, my plan was to just get Humble monthly going and then never buy another game again, rofl, but I’d still need some $ to just buy dlc for the games who have it and for which i want it (i feel that’s pretty much the reason big games participate in the first place)

sadly it seems im gonna have to continue wasting time buying/selling on steam market for $0.05 profit/sale, rofl, but at least if i only plan on buying some dlc now and then that also means im gonna need a lot less $ to keep my gaming shit going and so that also means I’ll be wasting less time steam trading

all that doesn’t change that it frikkin sux ash and bulls; just getting here has been a pain, has been expensive, and has taken months (they even blocked me for a whole while cuz my “address” didn’t check out cuz my bank wrote “app” instead of “apartment”, for example, and so "there was a discrepancy in my address), and it looks like it was all for not much at all


Couldn’t you give the details to Maoski and have him buy a Steam Wallet Gift for whatever amount to gift back to you?

You’re probably having these problems because you’re on that Most Wanted list.


Speaking from the retailer side, unfortunately prepaid cards can be a big vector for fraud, that’s likely why some places won’t accept it.


u saying i should give my bank account details to a cat online?


yeah but in this case Steam does accept it, just not when yr not on the same continent, lol, too bad if yr a foreign exchange student i guess

and humble accept it too, cuz i can buy regular bundles just fine, but they just don’t accept it for the monthly, which is just absurd in my head

in any case, ty for being so open and accepting my (insignificant amount of) money, lol


The continent thing is the same issue, differing locations on payment is another indicator of fraud. :frowning:

Them not accepting it specifically for monthly is strange though.


you see, lonin, i get that, however, isn’t my billing address registered with the account and the card? and so when i provide my correct billing address which corresponds to the address that is registered with that American account, shouldn’t that speak for itself (it may not, but in my mind that seems square)

yeah, and it’s very much by design cuz i did get in touch with them about that

also, i don’t know much at all about fraud, but in general all these things are automated and in the case of prepaid cards it seems to me it should all be pretty straightforward as well cuz either the money goes and the sale takes place or it does not go and so the sale does not happen


What’s the worst that could happen? You’re already on the run, hiding from authorities and laundering cash through the Steam economy…

Aren’t the card details separate from your main account though? I’d assumed that the card had a set value on it and once it hit that limit you’d need to top it up.