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OMG this Payoneer thing sucks


I can’t speak for them or their payment processor/anti-fraud system, but if it’s anything like ours then we see the card issuing country, the card billing address, and the geolocation of the IP being used to make the purchase. All of those things are being factored in to a fraud score or rule. In this case, they’re likely seeing the mismatch between card issue location and billing/IP address.


nope, the card automatically carries all the money on the account

dude about that, im trying to find all the stuff i used to buy/sell in my market history so i can get back in it and my frikkin market history is 15,203 pages, rofl, and that made me check the amount of market transactions and its at 75,365 OMG WTF i guess now i should feel the hype to get to 100k

so i guess Valve is like “we don’t want yr $5, please keep making us thousands of $ through your steam market trading”