"Oh no, we broke something, sorry", purchase not complete message, -double billed

just wanted to let you know (maybe fault of my own for rushing to purchase)
that when buying and getting that “error” message, despite nothing popping up subsequently or refreshing page, you get double billed/2 purchases on next purchase, (or it reset/makes initial purchase go through)

don’t know if this a common thing, glitch or whatever, or just related to Chronomicon/deal reset-early purchase
but just thought i would let it be known it could happen apparently

oh, and i also have an extra copy of Enter the Gungeon now too to give out later it seems :wink:

PS if you have this issue and don’t wish to keep the extra copy/double billed, email support at help@chrono.gg

(hmm might have screwed up my coins too, at least can’t access them now for teh time being) :confused:


I am also unable to access coins:

Or coins on main page:

well, shucks i guess… but at least i’m not alone in that then, that’s a bit of a relief, probably just site stress i’m gonna guess… -might have been what caused the double billing too i suppose then

Same here. I also received the “oh no, something broke” message, re-typed in my card info (and received the message again), and now I have two copies of Enter the Gungeon. Not a big deal (one of my gaming buddies will get an early Christmas present), but hopefully the issue will get fixed quickly.


okay so it’s not just me then, -well that is unfortunate it seems, (good for buddies tho :wink:)
i’m gonna guess it’s “rush” related then (i really gotta stop doing that :smile:)

Same problem as well, both the coins and double billing.

This better get fixed immediately, because not everybody knows somebody else they want to give a copy to.

Also I was this close to ordering a third; bullet dodged.


yea, i agree, ofc it needs to get some looking into, quick’ish

just to be safe, and clear, people with issues can/should probably email help@chrono.gg
i’m gonna bet 100% chrono are willing to undo any double billings for people that don’t wish to keep their unwanted/unintended purchased game for a friend or something
people having that issue should probably send an email to support help@chrono.gg and let them know and get their purchase resolved the right way (since probably need to know which of the 2 keys got used etc)

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Well, i had the same message, only once though, but now I am a bit stressed, because I don’t know if I will receive the game if I don’t try it again. But when I would try again I will get double billed. Just stressing because I would want that deal real bad!

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Same here. I think I’m just going to find someone to give it away to, but I wound up with 2 after being told it failed.


I tried countless times, but it just never works, I don’t even get the double billed thing because it keeps saying “Sorry something broke”

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That happened to me as well, and I got an extra copy.
So that message does not mean you are safe.

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all things on fire


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OMG i utterly love the Starcraft callback :heart_eyes:
best error message since grumpy lemur, “11/10, -would break site again” :smile:

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I knew it would happen eventually…Gnuffi broke Chrono.

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well… i can’t take all the credit

(or can i?) :smirk:

What is this Chronomicon? Is it like a cyber Monday thing?

it was part of the latest “Seeeecret”, that lead people to some fun stuff(arg), and we “unlocked” the chronomicon, which resulted in this deal event it seems, just in time for “cyber monday”
was pretty fun too

Okay. That’s pretty awesome! Is it available to everyone or just those who participated in the Seeeecrets thread? Cause right now I just see the same message that @DoomCaek posted.

Edit: I probably should have read the daily deal thread before this one :joy:

available to everyone ofc ( i think the “unlocking” part was just both for fun but to “make us influence the date” too maybe, unsure tho)
site is just temporarily broken, (what you see is maintenance mode), no reason specified, might be the new temp deal system for today, or simply just site stress, -which is my guess at least

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