Nuuvem is giving away Relic Hunters Zero
Though the game seems to be free, when it is activated with a key it should enable card drops

Two more games (Thanks to @Madway)


The game is already free on steam.
There’s absolutely no reason to go create an account with this site for it.

If you activate it with a key you can get cards.

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Can you update the post to inclide 2 other games? Heavy Metal Machines and Games Of Glory are also free there.

These two are also free on steam, though.

Those are apparently some kind of beta keys for Free to Play games. They don’t drop cards.

Games of Glory is not available in Europe.

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Dang… I saw these posted on the free steam games reddit, but didn’t have much time to look into them after collecting the keys =(

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It’s Ok. Sometimes your brain explodes when you see "FREE". Happens to me too. You just just have to grab your tin foil hat and read the fine print…LOL Or get a magnifying glass out.:mag::flashlight::eyeglasses:

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