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No autoplay videos/twitch feeds please




itty bitty living space




be like




Hiding edits seems cowardly


Well I mean I am just making sure my email isn’t shown, which to be honest isn’t really that bad, but I thought it for the best.


ignorance is bliss i guess

isn’t really that bad??? man, pls wake up, this world is horrible and u don’t even want to know (hell i don’t even want to know) in how many ways ppl can cause u trouble with just that little piece of info


There’s a post that I made some time ago with some personal info, tried to edit it out, realized that it stayed in the history.

Here it is:

I was going to ask you to hide the initial post, then I realized that the first images that I edited out are no longer saved.


Damnit you’ve done it again with today’s KF2 deal.

Gooby plz, no autoplay silent twitch live streams on the main page!

When you said you were having a zombie weekend, I didn’t realise you meant killing my internet quota again :frowning:


@lonin fark, 2 days in a row of autostarting twitch streams on the front page.

RIP quota.


hmm i’m not getting it autoplayed because it’s “blocked” by the agegate warning

“The broadcaster indicated that the channel is intended for mature audiences.”

:man_shrugging: (don’t know if that still drains data/bandwidth tho)


It’s a lucky dip when you refresh the page. Sometimes you get a blocked stream, often you don’t.

Blocked streams don’t load until you acknowledge the warning.


I completely agree with disabling auto-play, but I do wonder what options they have to entice us into buying the game? Videos do grab our interest better than text sometimes. I like PeteMcc’s suggestion to have a text link to the stream, but if none of us want a video playing, then are we still able to be interested in buying whatever deal is out there?

If the answer is yes, then there’s no further concern. Sometimes I feel like we do need a bit of an ad playing to show us why this game is good, while our first impressions aren’t that great. At the same time, I use ad blockers specifically to tell those marketing firms to go to purgatory for auto-playing muted (or super loud) videos without any of my permission.

Also I too have a data cap.

(And to answer the original question, I want disabled by default, and then login/opt-in to enable it. Although I don’t mind opting in to have a cookie saved for guests until they close the browser as opposed to logging in.)


A toggle would be good… as long as it can be disabled. It’s fine by me, but Twitch destroys bandwidth limits with ease.

Autoplay should definitely stay on by default, and more than that, I’d actually say it should be in the lower-right of the screen as a picture-in-picture when not actually on screen (similar to how Steam handles broadcasts when you click away). It should be a large enough image to at least see what’s going on, maybe the width of 25% or 33% of the screen and offset to the right (for 16:9, at least). This site has a whole lotta sidebar that could be put to good use.


I do watch the videos… when I’m ready!


Exactly what we’re probably going to do. :slight_smile:


Why not a little gift animation like the one you have (or used to) for the items on the store? id still be a big file, but nothing compared to a video stream.


Another autplaying twitch stream again today.
Problem solved, I’ve just blocked the Twitch box with ublock origin. It’s so simple I should have thought of it earlier :smiley:

Why not make the game trailer the default selection?


Part of the attraction for our partners is the views from the streams, but totally understand the downside for folks with metered internet. We’re actively working on a solution for this so everyone is happy. :slight_smile:


Hello, Is it possible to disable the autoplay livestream from the homepage?
I forgot the page had it and found my internet usage cap decimated when i realised…


How’s this coming on? The stream today ate a bunch of my mobile data, it makes me not want to check the deal when I’m on mobile :frowning: