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No autoplay videos/twitch feeds please


Today’s Prison Architect deal has an auto-playing muted twitch feed at the bottom of the page. I usually leave the tab open and refresh daily. I didn’t know there was video was playing until I noticed a metric tonne of internet usage. That stuff isn’t cheap in Australia :frowning: If I was mobile tethering today I’d be rekt.

Please don’t do this.

Silent (any) streaming In the backgound
Silent (any) streaming In the backgound

I second this motion, since I often look at Chrono on my mobile with limited data.


I third this request. :butterfly:


Might need to notify TPTB… @lonin or @frst if you want results…:thinking:


How would folks feel about an account setting where they could toggle this?


The issue would be for not being automatically logged in, it would be still eating away at data if it defaults to autoplay without being logged in. I often am automatically logged in, but sometimes not and have to do so…


while i didn’t notice the auto play here this time, i must say i’m against "auto play"vids, of any type, anywhere, on principle, even if for other reasons than data too,
i find them highly annoying, (the sudden outburst of unexpected sound lvls etc i didn’t necessarily expect on a given page) and tend to block them from most places that do it (i’m really pissed steam is doing it in the client too with various sales, with no apparent option to auto block/close twitch/“broadcasting”)
and while i wouldn’t mind being able to view a current stream for a sale promotion (i like that idea btw), i’d like it to be optional/not autoplay tho, -even if not signed in. (that way it also minimizes the risk of my ears getting blown in from sudden audio burst when i have my earbuds/headphones on) :wink: :+1:


Not to mention that some steam pages make it really hard to stop the autoplay, there are ones that I try to stop it immediately, scroll down further, then a tiny window shows up in the bottom right corner and starts playing, I try closing that, and the original one at the top of the page starts again… ugh!

@lonin, I agree with @Gnuffi here, it’s more than just data, it’s often quite intrusive, and unexpectedly alarming as well.


My lap is old, is not the case with Chrono but it usually doesn’t like when videos play on their own.

And generally speaking, it’s like being approached by someone on the street and have them start talking out of the blue about random stuff, I mean, at least warm me up :triumph:


I also dislike when videos autoplay. Even if I want to watch them, I’d like to be able to play them when I decide to.

I often shout, “No, I’m not ready!”

Also, yes, the eardrums…


While I have not had any problems with it myself, yet, I fully agree with every point that’s been raised in this thread.




I’ve mentioned this before that one day I was going to leave open the main page and eat all my data, I’m glad the idea got traction this time.

I’m also an Australian, seems a lot of us are very conscious of our limits, it sucks, we just changed our plan because my brother and I were using our 250 gb every month with usually a few days to spare. Our new plan is double the data but half the speed :weary:


If it’s an account setting, then autoplay should be opt-in. This also means no auto-play for people who aren’t logged in.

I’m curious to hear if anyone would want to opt-in to autoplay (as opposed to simply not minding either way), and why.


I understand the points being bought out in this thread, and although I personally have not had an issue with this being an Aussie I feel you on the data cap stuff. I also understand that Chrono what to highlight their partners when they are streaming the games that are promoting the site. Maybe no autoplay and something like this as a solution?

The link would just push them to the player further down the page. This was a quick mock up but maybe it could stand out more or be worded differently, but this way people will likely know that someone is streaming it since its near the top of the page and if they wish to view it they just click the link and hit play.


This is great alternative, @PeteMcc! Nice one. (:

also maybe hide your email on the top right?


Done. forgot about that, thanks for the heads up
Wait can everyone hide revisions or is that just me?


I’d be totally satisfied if the embedded twitch simply didn’t autoplay.


Totally your mod powers, beyond our normal realm of permissions…


Wow I didn’t even realise I could do that, seems I can do it to anyones edits