Nintendo Switch friends?



Hello there :slight_smile:
Is there anyone here, like me, who’d like to add some friends on NS (and play some games together)? Maybe we could use this thread to not only share our friend codes but to arrange some Splatoon or Mario Kart sessions, Pokemon exchanges, Animal Crossing island visits (or try to play any other game with online features). Let me know what you think of that idea!


I don’t have online capabilities yet, but this idea is great! I really need ways to trade in Pokemon, but I don’t know anyone. :sweat_smile:


I think @KittiBear has Switch .


Same. But getting them is not difficult for me, rather getting Animal Crossing and Pokemon is.


I just started ACNH.


I have a switch but i dun have online haha
I dun play those particular games anyways
Was thinking of pokemon but idk atm lol and i got bored of animal crossing from the old games really hehe


You might like games like Breath of the Wild and Fire Emblem, as well as Smash Bros. Pokemon is okay, but it feels like a portion of the features are locked behind online…so like a locked MMO. I mean you can play offline with generated NPCs, but it feels strange.


I do have a switch! :smiley:


Well if anyone has Pokemon Shield, I’m looking for a Growlithe. We can set up a trade through Pokemon Home’s GTS I believe, or one of the three methods. :thinking: Anyhow, I can trade Sword Pokemon (you know, the kinds only in Sword) for it, even a Vulpix. Thanks if ya can! :slight_smile:


I wish I could help you. I don’t own Sword/Shield yet. I have Pokemon let’s go Eevee :joy:

@Fuzzles I would love to visit your island even if you just started. Mine isn’t super developed.
@KittiBear what do you play on switch? :slight_smile:


I actually think that might still work if you’re willing to try (via Pokemon Home app). :grin:


Sure, I don’t know how many Growlithes I have (I think this one is exclusive to let’s go Pikachu), but I can always ask my friend to send me some.


I have one Growlithe and I have pogo eevee as well. I know I do cuz I ride it around :smile: But yes, I think PoGo Eevee is Vulpix as well.

@Rhyagelle Thanks for reminding me of the Pokemon Home app. I remember seeing news about it launching and completely forgot about it. Too bad I can’t move the pokemon from 3DS. Though I guess that would be kinda… overpowered.


Let me look it up, see if I can (or what I can) give you guys that’s non-Galar Pokemon. Vulpix should work, but I’ll double check first.


I can’t find the answer. I think we’d have to test it. I could maybe mate my Bulbasaur if it does work, but only for GEN 1.


Alright, I’ll put in my Pokemon Home (mobile) I.D when my device charges, we can test it if you guys want. :slight_smile:


Yeahh…slight problem. Only Eevee :left_right_arrow: Pikachu is supported or Eevee/Pikachu → Sword/Shield, no Sword/Shield → Eevee/Pikachu


Nooooooooooooooooooo. This is so stupid! :expressionless: how do they expect people to collect all of the Pokemon?! I’m so disappointed.




But the Let’s GO Pokemon that can be traded to Sword/Shield…so they expect everyone to own Shield/Sword and both Let’s GOs + online. :confused:

I guess I’m not getting other Pokemon lol


Lots of stuff! Lately it’s mostly Animal Crossing ^^


My current switch collection. I have a handful of digital games too.