Nintendo Switch friends?




Awesome collection! Undertale fan? xD


Just tested Pokemon Home with my sister. It keeps saying Friend Trade won’t work because we’re not in the same room. lol so they expect people to be right next to each other, too.


Yes haha. I have the game on all platforms it was released (and a physical CE for PS4 and Vita), a few shirts, some plushies (toriel, sans, and papyrus), those figures in the picture, etc xD It’s my favorite game to play when I’m going through a depression, which is far too often so I have too many hours logged in it xD


Impressive collection :slight_smile:


Thanks! I have a crippling addiction to buying games, especially physical games.


Oh i get you completely ! When i had PS4 best part was actually looking at my physical games collection , rearranging them by color or some other way :smiley:

There’s something so satisfying to actually own physical copy of a media.

My other dream is to get a patephone/gramaphone and start my music collection.


WOW @KittiBear that’s some serious collection! :wink: I really like it. My Switch collection is not as impressive as I focus mostly on exclusives (although I own Octopath Traveler and dragon Quest Builders 2, if I only knew they were coming to PC…).


Today’s very important purchases


but… sword… D:


If everyone has sword though, how am I supposed to get my floofy fire puppies? (Growlithes)


everyone i know has shield haha. among all my friends i’m the only one that took sword


normally I would go for sword, but I decided to switch it up this time. I have Alpha Sapphire and Moon, so sword would keep the theme. Plus then I can trade you guys some floofy fire fur babies.


I have Sword, but with Pokemon Home I was able to trade a Vulpix for a Growlithe. lol Maybe we can still set up trades through GTS (make specific conditions for the forum, so it is easier to see), get the limited Pokemon for Sword/Shield.


I don’t use my switch to much anymore, when I do its usually just for Mario Kart. But if anyone wants to add me, my code is the following
If you do add me please send me a message so I know its you.


My friend code is


If your name is different than Chrono, please let me know what Chrono username is via message.


My friend code is SW-5222-7926-0318

I also ask you to let me know your username is different than on Chrono. :wink:



Feel free to add us as switch friends. you don’t need online for it!

Additionally, I just got 3-months of online, so I can play some Mario Karts or something if people are interested.


I only have Animal Crossing and Pokemon Sword, but alright! I’ll charge up the Switch (its popular xD) and get my code. :slight_smile:


@Pylinaer I will gladly play Mario Kart!


I don’t know if anyone else wants to join (or can currently) but I’d be up for that. Let me know when you can put down Animal Crossing to play. I’m usually available evening CDT.


I got mine! :slight_smile: