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[News] Xbox Game Pass Launches Today - $1 for 1 month


For those who do not know, Microsoft is introducing the subscription service which would allow you to play previously Xbox exclusive titles on PC, which is a great news for PC master race.

The funny thing is, the full list of games that will be present on the platform, is leaked before Microsoft’s conference at E3.

For those who might be interested in subscribing, here’s the link to 1 month trial, which is only $1 / 1€ / £1 .

Rebel Galaxy FREE on Epic Store

Not many games in that list that are not already on PC though. A few I think are windows store exclusives but I can’t spot anything that’s only on the xbox.


the thing is, these aren’t real leaks, companies are leaking shit all over the place this year just cuz other companies started doing it, so now everyone does it cuz no one wants to get out-hyped

it’s just ridiculous what’s happening this year, and it’s childish. Instead of anonymously leaking it they should just put it up on their websites/social media channels and say, hey guys, here’s a little something we wanted to share with u before our panel. That would look much more professional instead of all this ridiculous BS of leaks everywhere this year.


It draws attention.


Maybe i would try for that price, but again not the right time for me lol
I wish they let you choose which currency to pay in cus ya know both a euro and a dollar are cheaper than a pound by a small amount XD

One good thing I see is that these games work offline for up to 30 days.


Maybe if i wouldnt have so many games to play already i would get a month or two to play few games like Banner Saga ,but… I’ll skip for now.


My bestie might consider this to try out Tomb Raider, but I’m already juggling crafts and love of stuff I want and plan to play soon. Still, this is a cool idea.


That’s the case if it’s their own site. For leaks like, say, THQ Nordic’s, it’s all been because of other outlets being careless. Red Faction Evolution was leaked by an Nvidia Ansel blurb, and their other two games were “announced” hours earlier than expected because of IGN screwing up the trailer embargo two times in a row.

These leaks actually hurt promotional materials because they can put a weaker foot forwards for an announcement, making it less effective overall. Red Faction Evolution is just a name floating around at the moment, letting people guess and build false expectations so they can either be disappointed by the actual announcement or not care anymore by that time.


So ended up getting this service yesterday and we tested it out last night. Ugh going to be another service we love and another monthly fee I am going to be paying lol. Worked out great and the amazing thing is, we only need 1 game pass account and my whole family can play all the games together. So $1.25 each per month for all 4 of us to play, that is fantastic :slight_smile: I do own quite a bit of these games, but there are so many good ones that haven’t been bundled yet.


for me that makes 5$, not 15?

it’s interesting for me because it include the gold subscription… that’s one less thing to think of
but they need to step up their exclu games, because what i really want is the same thing but for Sony


it is only $5 a month for the PC game pass, it is $15 for the whole service with xbox/pc game pass and xbox gold live. i dont have an xbox so dont need the full service


ohhhh really nice i though there was only the 15$ one that included everything…

shit… i need to subscribe now… for 15 i was able to justify the lack of exclu to no subscribe but at 5$ i dont have a good reason…


yeah it is pretty amazing, and for us having that family share feature is so awesome. Best family share feature in the industry IMO, cant do that with Steam’s version without doing the whole logoff trick.


I was looking more into it and it seems the $5 a month is only during the beta period and it will go to $10 after that. I still think it is worth the price but I did miss that part yesterday.


You can currently get 3 months for 5 dollars, or 2 months of Ultimate (which includes game pass for PC and console, as well as Xbox Live Gold) for 2 dollars. This service seems to have a crazy good sale more often than not.


Wow. Even after 2 months, the 1 month trial is still $1.

That is a very good deal if you have a lot of time on your hands and want to try it out. The game selections are good too if you didn’t already buy those games.


Trial is $4.99 for me and it says ends in 14 days. Even when I checked a month ago it was. Or maybe it’s just my area.

edit: ah no wait i can get it to appear through that link, seems like they are trying to push the 3 month version


Yeah it is a really amazing service with deals all the time. I have just bumped my Ultimate sub into 2022 with the latest Alienware code and with their rewards program will be able to extend that indefinitely without spending another penny :slight_smile:

Edit: oh and I just wanted to say that I only added 1 month from the Alienware site. Been seeing so many reports of all these people that made multiple accounts to stack 3 years of game pass with those codes from Alienware. I just hope they are aware that is against both Alienware and Microsoft TOS and pretty easy to track as well.


Just saw that Dead Cells will be on Game Pass on the 5th, finally get to try out that game :slight_smile: Also Kingdom Come: Deliverance just went on there, but I already own that on steam, and Blair witch next week which I am a little curious to see if that one is any good. Really loving this service so far :smile:


This is pretty nuts:

Does anyone know if these deals are supposed to work if you have been subscribed in the past but are not currently an active subscriber?