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[News] Xbox Game Pass Launches Today - $1 for 1 month


I read somewhere on their site as I was buying it, can’t remember where, it works for all new and current/old subscribers as well.

I myself got the deal too, to extend from the 1 month trial I had. It was too good of a deal to pass up. Plus, supposedly it’ll give me Spotify Prem and Nitro for Discord, so that’s a bonus! :slight_smile:


PC only owners!

You do NOT get the extra benefits off the bat if you do not own an Xbox One! You NEED to contact Microsoft/Xbox support, most likely by phone, and tell them you do not own an Xbox. They will forward your extra goodies to your email when it is time.

Hopefully this warning makes it to any PC only Pass gamers before it is too late.


After dozens of phone calls and emails…I got 2 of the promised benefits. Discord Nitro and Spotify (all of which are useless to you, warning, if you tried trials before for them). I didn’t get EA Access/Origin Premium but for that I don’t care for because I just got 1 month free from Origin for having 2 step on and its the low tier version, so you don’t get to play games, only 10h trials. So I’m not going to bother them any further with it.

Anyhow, hope I was the only one who had to go through all of this trouble. :rofl:


Like can’t use the one I have until next year when the reminder of my PC parts arrive in Bim.