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New Shop games are up, just saying ;P


Tracks and



Wondered why no one had mentioned it yet, lol. I’ve got Tracks - a while ago now… Not too intrigued by the 2nd one.


I honestly avoid anything that ends with IO due to every IO game on mobile being some really shortlived “flashgame”


Tracks looks like something I’d have loved as a young kid. I had a small set of those wooden railroads and they were one of my most precious toys even if I didn’t have enough than to build a few short loops.

Yorg looks interesting, might have picked it up if I fancied playing it right away. But going to pass on it for now.


@Fraggles Dude, I may have an extra key for Tracks. Lemme look and if I’m right, it’s yours. Coins must be hoarded, lol!

Edit: Yup. I have an extra.


You are far too generous with me Dana. Also I am no longer a young kid fortunately. I’m not too interested in spending much time in this sort of pure sandbox. Give it to someone who has Children instead.


did you mean to say precious?


I really hope these 22k prices wont be the norm in the future for coin shop games

I get it, its to fight coin inflation but holy hell, i think that will be enough.


Is we friends or is we ain’t? lol I appreciate my friends greatly - you guys brighten my day, every day. No worries if you’d rather not, but it’d be my pleasure to gift it to ye. :slight_smile: Besides, I still unabashedly love trains - never too old for choo choos. :sunny: I even have a mini Lego one.


that tracks game looks sooo fuck, but im few k’s short :frowning:


Grabbed Yorg. I think I should’ve tried the free version first to see if I’d like it though… ops :smiley:


Sigh, I’ve got “Tracks” wishlisted for some time now. And now that it’s offered here on the in the coin shop I can’t afford it :tired_face: 22k is going to take me way too long to collect, probably three or even four months still, as I’m just merely 10k coins in :frowning: And I’m pretty sure the keys would’ve run out by then too, heck they might all be gone before Monday to boot :sob:


Yeah tracks looks good but the amount of coins it takes seems impossible for me lol. I almost wish i could return some of previous games i redeemed ha to get coins to pay for it.


Tracks is something my son would love, but he’s a bit too young for computer time. He absolutely loves trains, and has a set of wooden tracks and some Thomas engines he plays with every day. It’s cool that they made something like this.


This is actually a weird cycle that’s going on. Games get more expensive to match up with the inflation of the coins, but more than often people just don’t have enough money to get it, so they save up even more money, so the prices have to increase again as to match with those.

Not sure if that’s a stretch but lol, it’d be sad, and kinda funny tbh.

Tracks looks great, tho I’m 4k short. Yorg. io is a bit eh. Still waiting for that magic daily deal that I don’t own already xD



Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! It’s on to 40k coins I go!


relative to actual price (~17 euro) it’s actually quite fairly priced at 22k coins (fx is 4 euro for 10k coins)


@coralinecastell And I LOVED that! ^^ Thank you.