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New Shop games are up, just saying ;P


For those of you looking to get Tracks who don’t have enough coins, you can consider offering someone a trade. There are Chronies like me (and others, I’m sure) who have enough coins but don’t have the interest. A reasonable trade offer from my wishlist (steam name is the same) could be a win-win for both parties.

Something to consider.


I’m pretty sure that coin prices will only rise until they will think of some sort of rework or balancing act .


I hope, Im just accumulating since they put dead cells for 40k when I had 20k. Now I have 55k and I dont see nothing interesting for me. I bought 4 in the past, 20k more or less so 70k in total XD. And those purchases were just to spend it in something.


if they ever restock deadcells it’ll probably be like 250.000 lol


Still worth it for free ;]

If I knew in advance how good the game is … I would have had 0 issues collecting coins for few years if you can’t afford it.


Still worth it but there is really anyone with that coins¿? I had more or less 70k in total and when the chest progress was not saved I lost some weeks, but not that much to reach that quantity.


I definitely don’t have that much coins, but not been here as long as some people either. Hm.

Think I’m close to 30k which these days, is about 2 coin shop games.


Really makes me wish I didn’t get impulsion. 20k seems a bit much for Tracks though…


I got tracks for trade if you want it cheaper haha