New Releases That You Really Want (Top o' Wishlist)

There are so many newly released game these days, that it’s hard to keep track of. Even with a customizable wishlist, it’s hard to keep track of which games peaked your interested once, vs others that you may have wanted to keep track of, or the ones that you really, really, really want.

This is a problem that I have for sure, and I know that a lot of our wishlists are bursting at the seams. So I wanted to ask you all which newly released game you can’t wait to get your hands on, and perhaps we can have some lively discussions regarding these games. If we are lucky, perhaps we can appease the Chrono gods and have some of these games magically descend into the daily deals in the future. :wink:

I think we should keep early releases out of here, and just keep to newly released full games. If you really have a newly released game that you are really itching to play, please let us know!

I will start:

Looks like it has beautiful artwork, non-pixelated lines, which a lot of these kinds of games do, game play style looks like Link to the Past, which clearly inspired some of the art as well. It looks to have Rogue Legacy type progression. It was released yesterday, but with 418 reviews, it’s only 56% positive, I haven’t read much in the way of reviews, but I really want to play it for myself to see.

Now tell me what you think, which newly released game you really want to play, and hopefully we get a lively discussion here. :smile:


She and the Light Bearer

As usual…Steam defies me…:rage:

“She and the Light Bearer is a blend of a music album and point and click adventure game that borrows its aesthetics from storybook and fairytale. The game emphasized on art, poem, dialogue, and music to deliver the experience.”


the instant answer I have to that is battletech

juicy tactical game, looks great.


For me it would be this one:

I loved they are billions

This seems like the same kind of game
The only problem that I have if I want a game I end up buying it very soon :sweat_smile:



For the king is worth it its a very good game
You need to find others who want it too, because the 3 pack is pretty cheap at different stores


Not released yet on PC, but:


The games at the top of my wishlist aren’t exactly new releases. They are a few months old. But these two are probably my most wanted games atm:

If we’re talking only new releases, then

The Swords of Ditto, For the King, Frost Punk, They Are Billions are pretty high on my wishlist too.


Nothing really at the moment, the one I wanted I already got, it was Into the Breach.

I was excited for Swords of Ditto when I saw at E3, but then I learned about the limited time mechanic and it kinda killed for me, I wanted a nice Zelda-esque game with lots of time to explore everything, timed things is really not my style. Same goes for For the King, the games puts on some pressure on the player to do stuff otherwise chaos will rise and you’ll lose.


I think this will be the better Zelda-esque game when it’s released next month


Ya, this one is already in my wishlist.


In For the King you wont lose because of the chaos, only the enemies get stronger. There are many ways to reduce the chaos. (it’s more the same thing as in XCOM 2 where you can lower the alien building (forgot the name :slight_smile: )
I also dont like timed games
Only thing for For the King people might not like is permadeath (only 1 save file)
I have Into the Breach I find it rather difficult, maybe I need to play it again


My wishlist just got bigger… :blush:


:grin: Play XCOM 2 first


I tried to… (Yoshi knows I have it on PS4, for those people looking and seeing it’s not in my Steam library)… I really suck at it… lol… I played for about 2 hrs last weekend, am definitely not a model commander and constantly leading my men into dangerous and deadly positions… :blush:


You need to get it on pc I think its more a pc game (mouse)
3 years ago I only had consoles never played anything on pc except Heroes of might + magic
But I think XCOM is more a pc title that you need to play with a mouse instead of a controller


It definitely feels a bit funny on the controls and feels like a pointer and click device like a mouse would be much more suitable for the game. Fortunately it’s turn based so it’s not a huge problem… plus it’s still quite expensive for PC.

My current project is to beat Spelunky, which is definitely not a new game. I love the mechanics and gameplay, and I like that each run is independent of the previous and lasts only 15-20 minutes (because I can’t live longer than that.) I will keep hacking away at XCOM 2 as well, but really, I am terrible.

I just bought Alwa’s Awakening and Dreamstones earlier today, and am looking forward to those too… #NoTimeForReality

I am totally out of likes… again…


I have tried you can remove likes :grin: dont know if it would count to your total likes but I could remove them


That must be a new option, when I first joined, you can only like something, you can’t un-like it. But I wouldn’t un-like something anyway… just wait until the next one to reset. :smile:


I see, but they still sneak in some nasty things like increasing the price for everything once you reach certain point in the game. I don’t know, I just don’t like some of the development decisions in that game. Only playing myself to really see if it’s worth.

Tactics games are my thing since I was a lil’ babi sloth, I grew up playing turn based rpgs and tactics games. So I’m already used to them, but I can see that some people can have trouble with, I mean, I watched some people play on youtube and I kinda wanted to rip my eyes out. :rofl:

Who would’ve thought, a sloth likes slow paced games like turn based and not limited time rushy ones? :open_mouth: