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New Movie Talk: Now With Frozen 2!



Yeah Sonic is looking much better than he was previously and I feel they made the movie seem more appealing in what they showed in the trailer (though Jim Carey just seems like hes being his crazy self rather than Robotnik… whether that is a good thing or not I think could be up for debate). I still think this movie is going to be a trainwreck, but hey Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle surprised me as being much better than I thought it would be, so I will reserve judgement until I see it… if I ever see it.


I’m still holding out for that brief shot of Robotnik-Carrey looking suitably comic-y in design to show up more than right at the end. Yeah video game movies really have a bad track record overall, I’m hoping this is more of a detective pikachu than an assassins creed.

Also, I’m having a hard time coming to terms with Scooby speaking perfect English, but at least his voice is original. Shaggy’s voice isn’t bad but it just seems a little off.


It helps that Scooby is still voiced by someone who is familiar to the role, which I can’t say the same for Shaggy. I agree, hopefully I can adjust to it in the coming months.


I’m excited to see Sonic. Crappy animation, crappy story and a crappy Eggman.
I don’t really care about the fix, it’s probably gonna suck anyway but as a long time Sonic fan I think I can enjoy that kind of bad.


Yeah Scooby’s voice is good thankfully (it’s still Frank Welker I think). I think that it would be worse if he sounded off too.

It’s funny how Fred daphne and Velma have different voices but theirs doesn’t matter nearly as much as Shaggy and Scooby’s


I am excited to see Scooby Doo :grin:


Tbh, I never really liked Detective Pikachu all that much. To me it felt really mediocre at best. Wasn’t impressed with it.

You’re right, it is Frank Welker.





Honestly I don’t know what to think about the new Spongebob movie. I only saw the trailer today and heard nothing else about it, and it’s been ages since I last watched the show. But it has Keanu in it, and that alone might make it wort checking out?

About Sonic though, oh boy am I excited for that one. I never played any of the games myself, but have for years been experiencing the love-hate relationship a certain grumpy gamer Arin Hanson has towards the franchise. And I honestly really like the redesign, and Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik already sounded like fun.
Also, I’ve been binging season 2 of DuckTales 2017 this week, and Sonic has the same voice actor as Dewey Duck (the BLUE triplet), and in one episode it was revealed that Dewey’s original name his mother wanted to give him was TURBO! What kind of coincidence is that?

Oh and I heard nothing about Scoob yet. But sorry zoomers, my Shaggy will always be the Ultra Instinct legend Matthew Lillard, just as my Peter Parker will always be Tobey Maguire. And since I had no other contact with the Scooby-Dooh franchise apart from the live action movies (the TV shows never made it to Germany for some reason), I think I’ll pass on this one.


All this talk about the Spongebob cameo… only real 90s kids remember Spongebob’s true live-action savior


I mean without him Bikini Bottom would’ve been in shambles.


I hear Mystery Incorporated was good, though. It has a much darker tone than the usual entries. Same thing about Zombie Island, although I haven’t seen it in years.

Maybe you can check out some of the newer episodes. It has a different artstyle somewhat and is more visual than Dialog. Although it can be a turnoff it might be for you. I recommend Squid Noir and Mimic Madness as a good indicator on what to expect. It isn’t really for me, but it’s a great era visually. My pfp says it all.

Man Keanu has been in many places recently. From John Wick, Toy Story 4, Cyberpunk, and now Spongebob. Hey, if he’s happy and earning some money I’m happy too.


Looks like I’ll be reviving my threads in a sad desperate attempt to talk to someone here.

Anyone here interested in seeing Frozen 2 or has seen it? I’m personally interested in seeing it, but what do you guys think?


Thinking about seeing it with friends, but I’m not sure yet. It seems like a pretty decent movie, though (I enjoyed Frozen 1, surprisingly, but I don’t know about the sequel.)


Hard pass.
I mean, at least it’s not another Live Action Remake of some old classic, so Disney is not completely creatively bankrupt yet. But my overexposure to Frozen merchandise and that damn song really made me not wanna watch either the original or the new sequel, ever.

This right here is the only good thing that ever came from that franchise:


I still have to see the first one. But the one I am waiting for is The Good Liar…

I don’t care about the reviews. Most reviews are wrong…I can not wait to see The Queen face off Gandalf. :exploding_head:


I still think Frozen was a pretty good movie but I don’t know how I feel about a sequel. Disney/Pixar has been so extremely hit or miss these last 10 years or so.
For every good movie like Zootopia or Big Hero 6 there has been like 10 trainwrecks like Moana or Brave.
I will probably just pirate it like always.


Woah you didn’t like Moana?


It’s the one Disney movie I’d straight up delete. But I will say “You’re welcome” and “Shiny” are still excellent songs.


The chicken and the ocean were the best parts of Moana. Kind of says something there.

And yeah brave was basically Scottish brother bear.

I’ve heard Frozen 2 is fine. Not bad, not amazing, but fine. So I probably will see it on dvd or Disney plus since I have a free year of that.

still very excited for Star Wars next month. Anyone want to see it with me?