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New Movie Talk: Now With Frozen 2!



The chicken and the ocean were the best parts of Moana. Kind of says something there.

And yeah brave was basically Scottish brother bear.

I’ve heard Frozen 2 is fine. Not bad, not amazing, but fine. So I probably will see it on dvd or Disney plus since I have a free year of that.

still very excited for Star Wars next month. Anyone want to see it with me?


I heard The Mandalorian was good, but I’m holding out for ROS. While I came out liking TLJ, the backlash from it was heated to where it gets insane. Hell, just me talking about it is at risk of inciting some sort of flame war (assuming people still use that word, I’d call it more of a warzone). Just waiting to see if people either love it or hate it, but if critics came out loving it I’m assuming those who didn’t like the previous entry would probably come out despising it. But we’ll have to see, although I feel that the outcome is easily predictable.


Just came back from Frozen 2, and I really liked it. The animation as expected is fantastic and the characters remain interesting and charming. I do agree that the side plot with Kristoff was pretty bad, and the song he did was probably a way to make up for his lackluster role. The ending I also understand that it came out of nowhere, although I never hated it as much as some did. I guess I’m probably the only one here who really likes it, given how the rest of you aren’t super interested.


How would you compare it to the first movie, better or worse? Any good memorable songs in the second one?


The funny thing is that I haven’t watched the first one completely in years, so I won’t know how to feel. As for the songs, I will admit it isn’t super memorable, but maybe it’s one of those things that will set in upon time. I will say, without spoiling much, again Kristoff’s song is probably my favourite, though it was intended to be that for other than the usual reasons. The covers IMO also sound pretty good, which for a modern Disney film is shocking. Other than the memorability which, again, will give me time to reflect on, it’s rather solid.


No doubt will be forced to sit through it as I have a 6 year old girl. As far as the first one went…meh just another churned out animation, weak story with popular song that got annoying. I hope part 2 has a crap song so that I’m not bombarded with it.


Idk, kids will love whatever they see on screen, whether you like it or not.