new games

can we ever expect any non-Indie game?
any other cool games… fps? racing?
anything “good”?
i just feel everyday wasting time collecting those coins isn’t worth it.

no hard feelings…
just expressing…
cool community.
OK games.
just doesn’t seem worthy.
cuz i KNOW you guys CAN get BETTER GAMES.
peace :slight_smile:


@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


Looks like you got your answer :joy:


We had Doom on here not that long ago… that’s definitely not indie… Also had DiRT Rally.

I am sure there were others, but those are titles that I think of when pondering your question…


I think he’s referring to the coin shop.


Free games are free games…

It’s pretty hard for anyone to secure a large batch of AAA titles just to essentially give out for free…

I love our coin shop as is…


Mini Metro was in the shop, so was Action Henk, Gone Home… these are good games.

One Finger Death Punch was 1000 coins. Can’t beat that.

A Blind Legend looks very interesting.

It only takes a second to collect the coins. Totally worth it.


Yeah, our shop has had a surprisingly large amount of great games! There was a tower defense game I ended up 100%ing for no reason other than I was apparently starving for a small 10-20hr tower defense game. Also, Mini Metro (easily we’ve logged a combined 1000 hours within just the hardcore Chronobuddy forum users).

And don’t forget all those sweet, sweet poop games! We’ve got a new one coming soon, I can feel it in my colon!


I dunno, maybe it could be a thing, who knows. Maybe they have been talking about it already. I wouldn’t expect it to be cheap though. How many coins do you have @impheonix07? Someone mentioned to me we could probably do it if we just priced it right. How about 50,000 or 100,000 coins each and we only had like 20 or so copies of whatever it is?

Since they work directly with the developers or publishers, it’s not like they will just buy the keys from somewhere and re-post them here so I don’t know how much work that would be. Just expect that you’d likely be saving for a while if you’re wanting AAA games for free.

I mean, I feel bad that you missed out on super duper party pooper. Quality entertainment if I do say so myself. :grin:


I’ve thought about this too, but these are virtually free games here. They can’t go giving out all the newest games they would be losing lots of money (or not I don’t really know how you guys profit other than the game advertising). And there are good games there just hidden, they don’t get attention because there not made from famous game designers or there old :confused:


Indie and Old definitely does not mean bad games… Some of the best and most popular games started from a small team of guys wanting to make the next best thing in a low budget setting…


:zipper_mouth_face: i’m not saying anything, on this subject… -again…
oh wait… i just did didn’t i? :confounded: :man_facepalming:


All of the alts already spoke, so you are good. :smile:

And I want to hear your opinion, from the gnome’s mouth himself… I would be worried if people on these forums felt uneasy about expressing their opinions… especially about games, indie, AAA, free games, whatever…


one gnuffialt covers another… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … … . . … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . … … … … … … . … . . . . . . . . . . … . . . . . . . . . … . … . … . . . . . … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -okay that tickles stapit! :smile:


What if I can promise you 50 likes in return for your in-depth analysis?


yea, they definitely shouldn’t worry/feel like that

"from the gnomes mouth" to your "ears" -disclaimer; approaching wall

this “particular” topic, was just very frequent, and covered ad nauseam, last year/from time to time
and while the shop game quality certainly did/do vary up and down (“bigger” depending on ones own perspective), for a while it became sorta a standard reminder to give; “these are 10$+ games that are being given away, -for free”

and while i don’t know how humble manages to secure their free (dated aaa) games sometimes;
people also sometimes seemed to forget, that even if you “have” to check in every day, it’s a non task, voluntary, that rewards a game roughly once month
for just visiting/clicking a page once a day for a month, and get a 10-15$ “old” game, “on schedule”, is still pretty generous despite the rest.

Now since some games might have been on the lower side on perceived quality/value(some more than others), i totally get the “it’s not what it used to” or “is it worth it as much these day to continue”-mindset,
but when calling out specifically “non-indie”, leaving what, only aaa left? Then despite any coinshop quality past or present, it always begin to feel greedy/entitled to me. (even more so when a bunch of the past indies have been stellar, and “indie” isn’t a negative mark on a game on its own regardless)
i get it if looking for a particular genre, it can be challenging to get ones preferences fulfilled regularly (tho there was several fps iirc),
but also leads to the “that’s your own doing”, since chrono wouldn’t be likely to know each individual gamers genre preference, (nor even obliged to directly cater to it on a regular basis), and so far they’ve covered almost pretty much anything, because there would also be other peoples preferences to consider, thus a “little bit of everything”-approach serves “more”

what chrono does/did is put the cards on the table, “visit our site, and every 2 weeks we add X games in a limited pot you can try to grab, no forced purchase etc just visit and click, and you get your shot at a bunch of free games”
-which to me, despite poop and everything “less than mighty brigador” still sounds like a fair and decent deal. Free scheduled games, no real strings attached.

Other places do limited giveaways too, (sometimes!), which strangely enough requires “less daily” effort, but effort i’m not keen on doing, performing those social media tasks etc, log in/connect account via steam all that, or worse the "click/check this box once X times+tell your friends get one “coupon"entry per box ticked”/ contest"giveaways"
And sure, humble often has top tier quality free games for 48 hours, but they are less frequent, and not scheduled either, and again, -games vary, big time.
or a place like indiegala, or others such, that have more “often” some free games, still isn’t worth the “free” one time click to me (tho these days the 1 click seemed to changed to the old "maybe you get a copy"lottery)

i like talking about games, and even discussing chrono practices/features, so it’s not that i “don’t” want to talk about this particular subject, or would ever discourage people from discussing it, or even raising it again once in a while (keep chrono at their toes people :wink:),
i’m just so bored of it myself from the past times, to where so often i just immediately dismiss/view the topic off hand as nagging/greedy bratty “gimme gimme this 'nd dat”/i want X and it’s no good if it’s not that-state of mind,
-which doesn’t take the “details” into consideration

the most basic of which is, how would you want chrono to give you a non-indie racer/fps -CoD, Dirt Rally, etc(deliberately mentioning 2 “top” factor+expensive games i recall), for free, -in a manner that is still viable to their business?
since they are a business, and not Santa; just here to supply us with an endless stream of free games, indie/low or top tier quality AAA or otherwise…

if making suggestions on how to get them :+1:, or even directly suggesting X games/titles (like the list on the forum), then great; add something chrono can use in some fashion to maybe improve things
but otherwise, it just always in the end comes off as if people want/“expect” a company to just give them free stuff, or “more” free stuff,- because the sample tray wasn’t haute cuisine enough… :man_shrugging:

my own views, thoughts/feelings/opinions etc on that specific matter aside; people should always feel welcome here, and free to ask “whatever”, or even point out stuff they like/think could be better around this place

the very “chill” nature of the place is what i like, and the awesome people it has attracted
people/gamers -“netizens”, striking up a brief conversation on a gamer-natured “whatever” theme/topic many of us share.
Or just thoughts on something more chrono directly related, they think could be better/different around “here”.
Because for some unfathomable obscure reason Chrono sometimes takes points and listens to them and maybe acts on it. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :dizzy_face: (I might use steam “more”, but i sure as sht gave up years ago trying to post/contact them about “doing” stuff :roll_eyes:)

if someone comes by here, throws out an idea, and some beautiful change comes from that, i think that’s awesome to see “in the making” like that
the precious streak counter might be “gone”, but i really dig the new system anyway :+1:
so if someone got some pointers that might improve the coinshop; shout it from the rooftops!, -even if there is a grumpy gnome banging a broom at the ceiling below, stuffing cotton in his ears from “that old tune” :wink:

:rofl: :hugs: :blush: “callback!” :+1:


Dammit @Gnuffi everytime you edit something the spoiler box keeps closing. I can’t finish reading :rofl:


you know the rule:



I put in the advertisement in the other thread… :rofl:

All things aside, well-said and certainly you outshine even yourself.

I did not realize that the topic had been mentioned many times before, I have seen it once or twice since I have been here. But I imagine that with time, these things would certainly pop up from time to time.

I do like the smaller Chrono team, they cannot do everything that is being done around, and that is why they appreciate any specific help they can get, actively or passively.

And suggesting specific titles in the appropriate thread seems the right thing to do, since they do pay attention. They respond, and they say thanks when we suggest something that is constructive criticism for the site. I think for the most part, the site-feedback section is being put to good use.

That was what was going on… I had to open it about 5-6 times right after it was posted as well… :rofl: