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New Coin Shop Games Sold Out Again



Your soul’s home. That’s right, I want your body in exchange for SEUM.
Well, maybe I’ll just take another game for it, dunno, most people have some bundle leftovers or so, just offer something cool :sweat_smile:


mindblow LUL


If you’re talking about Butcher it’s currently on sale for a week on steam for $3.99.
(sale ends in 7 hrs, sorry; good luck)


That’s my excuse.
Also inside caves where there is no reception :’(


oh, same as me then :wink:


I guess asking for your body was too much for you to stomach :confused: Maybe you shouldn’t play such a hellish game like SEUM anyway :slight_smile:


Well, since i’m a @Gnuffi replica, can i sacrifice him instead??? ( Sry i didn’t respond lately, went pretty busy , and kinda broke atm XD, paying college , perhaps next month/ once i receive my payment? )

PS: I always forget to press the reply button, that’s why i always delete the sae post and type it twice… lel


looks like a lot of people are just saving up their coins for some interesting games. not buying on the current one or else they’d be sold out too.


sure thing MCharbel




with only 656 gold and how fast the games run out for sure i will get action heck…(sarcasm)


Good luck! If you don’t get it, I am sure there will be games that you can get in the future that suit your tastes! :slight_smile: