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New Coin Shop Games Sold Out Again



WTF Chrono

The 2 new games are sold out again before some people could get them (they aren’t, but that’s not the point, because they sure will be).


RAGE, ANGER, HATE, this is the place where u can vent it all.

Were u too drunk to get yr game in time? Were u in a coma? Were u backpacking in some jungle?

Give free reign to your feelings here…

[Updated 20/april/18] Coin Shop • New Games Arriving TODAY!

You mean Deep Dungeons of Doom and SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell ?
They’re still available

Not sure if are going to sold out before the sunday


Can I complain that one of them is a game that I’ve had in my Steam library since 2015, thanks to a bundle deal, and the other one I can’t play because FPS games make me motion-sick? :grin:



The post was designed to be a preemptive dumping ground for complaint posts, because inevitably there will either be people complaining about the selection or the speed with which the available keys were snapped up.



Reserving my spot…NOW!

P.S. We really need a sarcasm Emoji! Like RIGHT NOW…:thinking:


You devious little thing, you got me there for a second.

@delenn13 how would that one be?


ofc u can, not only that, but u should also start a petition, propose a law against that, and organize a million man march


can i has some of that salt?




sry sry, million person march, million organism march, million gender-free or not specified whatever march


But NO Robots, right?


@delenn13 :smirk:


too dangerous, just ask Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, etc.


I want to complain about how bad chrono really are, that they give decent games for free so often… I keep buying games with real money left and right and then chrono adds good games for coins … I don’t have the time to play them all and I don’t have the time to play games I buy with money?! How is this fair deal?! I’m really pissed!

BTW @dusty I demand explanations!


exactly man, bring out your torches!!!


Is fair because you don’t have time to play either of them, you see?


IM SO MAD!!! I had ample amount of time to actually be able to purchase these items. WHAT THE HECK! The fact they’re still available left me upset that I couldn’t rant about these games being sold out!!! UNACCEPTABLE

Lulz nice thread @harith


I’m sorry, am I hearing this right?

Everyone wants more copies of poop games?


yes, bring in all the poop :rofl::rofl::rofl: