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New Coin Shop Games Sold Out Again



Please don’t encourage him.


You are fake news!


Too many coins needed for deep doodoo of doom.

I hope it isn’t a trend.


cool, maybe some orange will tweet about me







YEAH! Why has Reigns sold out this fast?? GRRRR!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::anger:


or even better:


On a semi serious note, I have been wanting to play reigns and was sad that it sold out long before I came to Chrono :stuck_out_tongue:


people these days are so thirsty to get games for main and alts acc that don´t left any for the other people…


Noooooo SEUM is sold out!:sob:
I think I will buy Deep Dungeons of Doom though :sweat_smile:


Seum… oh sweet Suem (cries in French) Until we meet again… perhaps in another sale, or in another reality/dimension


well, considering we’re all @Gnuffi alts… it was inevitable.


What’s SEUM? and what’s reigns? I feel like I missed something lol


We’re talking about the coin shop games? :grin:


But huh? Where is SEUM? Where reigns? Am I blind? :o

NVM found SEUM, dunno what reigns is tho lol


Reigns (original):

Reigns: Her Majesty:

Some thoughts:

I never played Her Majesty but the first installment is great, especially after a big update they did adding loads of cards. Basically you have to manage your reign by keeping four stats at a comfortable equilibrium to survive the longest and become an undying monarch! evil laugh It’s full of little easter eggs and hidden things, though, so it’s not just about managing things and surviving the longest, it’s also about uncovering secrets and connecting a few dots – in order to reach bigger endings.

There are several characters, many creative deaths, super cool backstories and interesting choices. I hear Her Majesty is even richer, and I can’t wait to try it out.


ah gotcha :sweat_smile:

BTW anybody wanna trade for my SEUM? :smiley:


I DO, But what do you want in exchange???