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New Coin Shop games after May 29th?


Are there going to be any new games in Coin Shop after May 29th or it’s all gone now?


You mean new keys for the older games? Because new new games 100% won’t be here, it’s known


There wont be new games ,though i’ve heard that one of the games might get restocked. @RaccoonV could tell you more.


Restocking older games is fine. I’m sitting at 43k coins and all the games where already sold out the other day when I checked, so… yeah :smiley:


Would be nice if they just put up a bunch of vouchers - like 20k points for a coupon code that takes 20% off.

Just mark-up the cost of games sold by 20% and it’s net-even lol


Same here, although it’s only 15k coins on my side. I hope they restock something at least.


Here you go


I’m thinking that’s very, very soon from now, according to my clock.


Yeah its there now


Says it’s broken? Hm.

@PeteMcc "Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe? "


Try one more time!

I’m new here. :sweat:


Tried again, same error, myrr

Edit @dusty It’s up to 73% now, so a few people might have claimed successfully, but I’m still getting an error


Going to keep debugging!

Worse case scenario you can have my key that I reserved :3


Good luck with ze code!

Edit: I signed out and signed back in. Your magic must have worked. Claimed with no error this time. Thank you! :heart:


Still have 104k Coins left


Get some minion masters my dude or invent time traveling


Bummer, I overslept and missed clicking the coin yesterday!
One more spin missed, now that the end is so close in sight each spin feels so precious. Just want to really savor each and every one of them.


Minion Masters Chrono Special Pack key



Already got that one when it first came out.


Then you know what you have to do