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New Coin Shop games after May 29th?


Agree with each spin feeling precious, also enjoy checking the Coin Shop to see if Minion Masters Special Pack has sold out. Will they all go? …and if so, when?


It looks like it might haha! I just grabbed it for the heck of it xD


99% right now, must go today?


Aaand it’s gone!
Bring out the champagne, folks! It may not be 29th yet, but the end is here! (Unless something sneaky happens in the remaining time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
Bye, Coin Shop, it’s been fun!


"Check back soon for more games!"
Please consider changing this line to avoid more whining


@lonin @dusty @Ernin8t0r @RaccoonV

can you please change it to:

“go home, you’re drunk”