Need Help with Steam Deck & Accessories.

As mentioned in my reintroduction post “Howdy” I’m planing to get a Gaming PC and right now I’m heavily considering the Steam Deck OLED. I’m thinking of getting the 1TB Model and I know i also need to pick up some accessories so I need help with which accessories I should get, here is all the accessories I want.

Dock, would like to have HDMI & Display port but not sure if i should just get the official dock or a 3rd party dock instead.

SD card, I know most go with the Sandisk Extreme 1TB but I know there are other options that may be even cheaper.

Travel bag/case, Would like a fairly slim bag that can also hold a charger & battery bank.

Charger and Power banks, So far I think i may pick up the Sigen Arcpack 30w & Sigen 40w gAn Wall charger.

Anti Glare Screen protector, what brand should i get? is JSAUX pretty good?

Controllers, I’ve been hearing ps4/5 controllers are great for the deck but does it matter which one to get?

Mouse and Keyboard, What are some good RGB M&K that work in Linux.

Monitor, I seen a video of someone recommening a monitor for the deck oled that works great but i completely forgot what it was. So what is a good 90hz 1080p Monitor that has Free sync and is around 28 in.

that’s all i could think of right now, But feel free to suggest anything that i missed that i should get or what i should get instead just let me know, thanks.


I didn’t even know the steam deck worked like a nintendo switch. Such a good idea to get back your steam library and guarantee it works. Here is my opinion.

Get the official dock. Buying third party may cause problems for something as important as charging the thing.

I don’t know which games you play so I can’t guess if you need 1TB for all the games you will be switching between. But if you only play one game at a time, it may be unnecessary.

I think you plan to use mainly handheld. But consider using it as a PC. No travel bag/case, no screen protector, no chance of damage. Though you will need the monitor with inbuilt speakers and controller. Just an idea. I am overly careful with my phone and tablet because of how expensive the things are. Controllers can be 3rd party, they just have to work.
A monitor…let me look around.
Ok, I found one close to what you want. Though I’m sure someone can find better. $229.99. 240Hz. 1920x1080. Freesync.

All the steam decks I see come with a carry case. But a cheap travel bag big enough…hmmm…



Some things.

1a. 1 TB is a lot of space. Consider if you really need another 1 TB. Keep in mind that fast sd card is still slow compared to the included nvme drive. Cheaping out will reduce speed. You can always buy SD cards later as well if you find you need the space.

1b. The steam deck is a console with the power of a console. If you’re gonna try and play games like Cyberpunk 2077, you will have a bad time.

  1. The 1 TB comes with an anti glare coating. Adding an anti-glare screen protector is not recommended. If you get a different one then it may be worthwhile. JSAUX is probably fine. I believe it is from China, but a lot of stuff is. I have a cable from them and it works well.

  2. All steam decks come with a charger, no need to buy another.

  3. Steam deck will come with a case, although it won’t fit a charger or power bank. Maybe a small backpack for it?

  4. KB & M - all should work, unless you mean it has software that works on Linux to control it. I don’t have an answer for that.


Alright so yeah I will probably will go with the 512GB model and get the official dock for now along with a antiglare screen protector, And possibly a small SD card to use for no game stuff as I plan to use it docked for a short while until I get a low-mid spec mini pc from a reputable company.

@GDBringer Thanks for the monitor suggestion I’ll take a look at it, & A bag like that might work. might check out a couple stores around me to find something like that.

@Pylinaer 1b, I understand I mainly plan to play more indie games with it anyways. With #5 yeah software i meant, Some brands you can control most of rgb on the hardware level and some brands work with better openrgb or similar programs. I may just have to ask around and see.

Thanks for both of y’all suggestions.


Since it no longer shows up in steam friends activity feed. I’ve purchased the Deck & Dock, I’m super excited to finally play some PC games once again. :grinning:


how long does it take for it to arrive? when will you be able to reclaim your rightful place in PC gaming?


It says 3-5 Business days. Its in the packing stage so I don’t know yet when I’ll get it, My guess Tuesday or possibly Wednesday.


It came last night but been so busy today that I’m just now getting to it. :smiley:


Awesome sauce! :revolving_hearts: