My Steam Badges are Gone and my Level has been set to 0

So I played a few games, bought some games because of the Steam sale, I started to download some games, check my profile for a second. And I see that I’m level 0 (I was 42) And I have no badges (I had A LOT). The badge section is visible but when I click it, it doesn’t open. I spent a lot of money on these and I also wanted to see if it was a visual bug only for me, so I just switched to my phone, same thing. Looked at my account on Google (I am not signed in there) Same thing. I contacted Steam Support and I’m waiting for an answer. Can anybody check my account and see if I’m level 0 and confirm it’s only a visual bug for me? If it’s not, what should i do?


it’s a common visual steam bug, especially when stuff is borking elsewhere(like during heavy load with sales), usually it’s just a local thing, and even when it’s not something like a cache issue, it should go back to normal in a few minutes
you’re fine btw, still 42 :wink: :+1:


I have been staring in the screen just looking at my profile for over 2 hours waiting for it to get fixed XD. Well it did, thanks, I was very worried.


It happens when the steam servers are begging for mercy


I remember the first time I had this bug with my curator page… it said 0 followers and I was in shock :stuck_out_tongue: by now I know it happens sometimes and it is indeed only a visual bug.