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My Steam account was stolen.


its hard to say because you dont use steam guard


shit hahaha I only made a steam account last year no one ever told me about an app for phones for more security I only discovered it a few months ago, ah well like I said if anyone gets any messages off me, (IM COMPROMISED) if not, then lets just hope Im okay, thanks for the help yoshi :’) I get very scared about this sort of stuff where you have literally no control over it.


I have added you at steam I will let you know if you sent a message, I will be online most of the day
And use Steam Guard


Ganba got his account back, yay! But now poor Rykos is next…
Cautionary tale to never click any dubious links, no matter who sends them.
I’m actually quite surprised how many people fell for these messages. No offense to those who did, but to me those messages looked obviously like some fake scam.


especially since csgo is free on steam so why would someone be giving out a free key for it :thinking:


@GanbaRANGER you’re gonna have to re add me on steam xD I may or may not have thought you were not a chronie and blocked you in all manners to prevent an excursion happening xD I’ll unblock you and re add you :slight_smile: kirisute gohmen XD

P.S. I have set up steam guard, what does it do? Is it like an algorithm or something? Different codes just keep appearing on my phone.


Its 2 factor authentication, you will need to put that changing code in when you log into steam on a device


Oh My! Look :eyes: at that little dino :sauropod: being all calm and techie! I don’t know Steam that well… So thanks for the link and info, @yoshirules :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

I use Malwarebytes Pro…Bought a lifetime subscription about 10 years ago…It’s good!!! Even the free one is good…it just doesn’t auto update…which I like!

I also use Zemana AntiLogger Pro.


Oh! Gosh, small world. So that’s you, hee hee. Nice to know. :slight_smile:
Am glad too it was his secondary, his main has about 14k games last I looked. O_O




I just got my account back a few minutes ago. Props to Steam Support for fixing this issue so soon


Woo-hoo, congratulations, Yea!!! :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:
Welcome back to Steam… :clap::clap::clap:


Phew! SO glad Steam got back on this quickly.


Make sure you run Malwarebytes…Please!

If you have troubles running it or installing it… Use this:


The scam website in question is now flagged - thankfully so - by Cloudflare (Name Server for this particular Domain Registrar).

I am sure it’ll be taken down completely in the foreseeable future but at least it has the preface warning up!


Install Malaware Bytes Premium trial. Ran it and it flagged a good few things. Also change Steam password.

Not had any more phish messages from anyone on friends’ list either.


seems like the worst has blown over!

everyone stay aware though, I still can’t believe I got away without getting hit…

certainly won’t be letting it happen to me again this is the second time I just walked into something so obvious… stay aware people!


You and me both brotha… Oh yeaaahhh!

*First and probably last time I will ever post a wrasslin’ gif.
/dejectedly hangs his head in shame


just look at him go…

I personally enjoy using both those fellas in a memetic way :smiley:


Dammit, look at what you passively enabled me do…

…though technically, in my defense, that GIF is from a movie! Just sayin’…