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My Steam account was stolen.


@Danacscott your steam account was stolen right? your account sent me a message

then i did this thing

then this happened


What are you doing about this? What should I do? Also, hi. :worried:

and if you have the same password for other accounts, i suggest changing them

Is this site a scam?
I'm going to Europe for the first time. Would you guys and gals kindly share some tips?

Maybe PM @Danacscott about this one rather than make a forum topic?


thought other people should know


A friend of mine has this happened to him this weekend. It installed a keylogger too. He really didn’t go into detail as how to fix it…but this is what i would.

Contact Steam support. and tell them what happened…refer to this thread too.

Did it happen to your phone or PC?..I would use your backup or format because 10 to 1 you got a keylogger too.


Holy crap…I didn’t know that signing in to a site via steam let them remove 2 factor/steam mobile authenticator! That Steam Login credentials not being shared always reassured me but it would seem not to be true.


thank you. restarting into linux


Sorry I misread it. On top of what @delenn13 disconnect your steam account from that website, also change passwords (on your email as well if it is the same as the steam one). If you really can’t format the computer at least run a virus scan or two. If it looks fishy never click a link, even from a friend.


Oh, research tells me it is in fact ok to use third party sign ins…it seems @delenn13 is probably on the money with the keylogger thing, which is what went wrong. That and clicking on that link in your steam chat.


Actually probably not even a keylogger…that’s a faked sign in site. Direct detail harvest.


it does look fishy. i’m very sleepy and not thinking straight. i didn’t really think about it at all. fake sign in site was my first thought after it happened.


I am getting ready for church but I will keep an eye out on this thread. I sure hope you kept all those emails from steam in regards to your game activations.


i actually did keep all those emails. i’m going to sleep now. i hope you have a wonderful time at church.

also, hi everyone.


I had something similar happen to me almost 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine who i played Rocket League sent me a message to help him with a Rocket League tournament as his friend has too much ping.
I agreed to help because i didn’t think much of it as it was late, then he sent an ESL link to sign up, (which i shouldn’t have done) and lost my account and rocket league items.

But gladly steam support got my account back really quick after contacting them with proof that i own it, and got my Rocket League items back too by contacting Psyonix later on.

So yeah, moral of the story, from now on i’m double checking links even from friends that i know.


i know this is a bit late and useless “now”, and maybe cynical hindsight
but never click on links in steam chat unless it’s a person you trust (and still be weary even then maybe) -steam has pointed out numerous times, don’t follow links in chat etc 'cos phishing scams etc
and don’t sign in to unknown sites,
+these "have rewards for you"sites/messages is exactly how most scams function (nigerian prince anyone?)
if you can’t verify something, just don’t bother even if it sounds alluring

and sry you got to go through this, and i hope steam support can get this sorted asap :+1:, and best of New Years to you after this :hugs:


good observation, well faked tho


Just for the record I got an PM too and an invite to follow this group from @Danacscott …EZSKINS EZLIFE. I didn’t!


im pretty sure that ezskins are the same people who bot their scams on csgo workshop


i’d maybe even suggest reporting the group on steam, promoting credentials snagging scam like this :thinking:


OK from what i can see…and I need to go…so this will be quick…

@AcornAvenger, @Rilover, @acb234, @nebula7, @DanosaurJr, @TR3NT and @YQMaoski DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING from @Danacscott. It’s a hijacker and key logger…

Lter all…be safe!!!


ah thanks I was wondering why I got sent that message.