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My Steam account was stolen.


Thanks for the warning guys! Appreciate it.
Unfortunately I did click the link and saw a number was added to my steam account. I have changed passwords and logged out of all devices. Changed my email as well. Going to run a virus scan now, any other suggestions?


That’s how I got nabbed - the message was from a very long standing member of Steam, that I’d trust. The secondary account not their main, but the person does use both.

Can’t believe how fast this stuff can snowball and I feel really bad to have contributed to this, though certainly I didn’t create this message or start sending them. I didn’t send a single one to any of the folk on my friends’ list. Just woke up this morning and saw my chat alight.


Thanks for posting this delenn13. It wasn’t me at all. I didn’t send any of that stuff. Don’t even know exactly what CSGO is really. O_O

Apologies for the troubles guys - it’s sending as me because I did click thinking it was a legit message from an old friend.


Good. They auto added me to the group. I just nuked it this morning.


It doesn’t.
I just went to the link in the screenshot and… surprise! A phishing site. Not the actual Steam.

The domain is (DO NOT put your credentials)


i’m guessing you got tricked by that whiterabbit guy alt account since it seem it got hacked by them @Danacscott these scammers work like a plague spreading by close contact T_T


@GanbaRANGER you appear to be still infected or hijacked.


yea was just about to post a warning too, everybody on Ganba’s friendlist do not follow the link


@rakada Wasn’t 100% that day and don’t hear from my friend too often, so didn’t know it was a scam. He didn’t post it either as that account was last online 3 weeks ago when I checked. I’ve no idea where that link originated.

I just got the same pop-up message supposedly sent from people on my Steam friends’ list… No idea what’s really going on.

Some people have reported to Valve - maybe they can block it or something.


Ditto for me as well.


I got that from him too, just now - he wouldn’t have sent it though. It’s some Russian scam thing.


So how is this all happening? Someone clicked a link they shouldn’t have and their accounts got hijacked? :o


Scrolling chat threads, I really dislike them…

I see how it happened. Yikes.


@Fanzo I thought Connect to Steam link is broken, because it doesn’t work for the Microids site either… Microids is a legitimate developer/publisher. (as far as I know) Connecting to Steam stopped working on their site a long while ago.


Unfortunately this happened to me as well…contacting steam support now


it’s just a seasonal flu guys


Oh I wish…kicking myself right now…as if I didn’t have enough problems.


trust me i know the feeling; i got a $30 cs go ak-47 skin stolen by a “friend” once and lost 2 knives worth over $200 to a “trading site”; it was rly well done, the whole site was a scam but seemed legit as it was the first result on Google and looked vry professional and had a lot of traffic… (stupid little me looked over the fact that it was a sponsored link on Google, but F Google for accepting sponsorships by scam sites, though that does clearly illustrate how professional the site looked as i’m sure they wouldn’t accept it if it didn’t at least look legit)


Guess we all make mistakes from time to time. The only thing we can do is learn from them and warn others. Kinda wish I had come here first today instead of checking steam first…ah well, steam will hopefully help me sort this out.


Yep, lost my account too


I wish you, me and anyone who lost/loses their account luck in regaining access…hopefully soon.

On a side note…I wonder how long it will take for Valve to start responding to the support request with the new year nearly upon us. :cry: