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My Steam account was stolen.


But but what if i don’t like Spain, it’s too hot over their :smirk:



no problem, just sell the house


Just saw the messages from Ganba (including and apology) and Gnuffi. Stay safe with this going around everyone! Not to sound redundant but be super careful, especially around the holidays with tons of new users and stuff.


Just to update everyone, I got my account back as of 22 minutes ago…HUGE sigh of relief

I am actually surprised but extremely thankful that this was resolved in a mere 15 hours on new year’s eve no less.


Let lil’ ole me, be the first to welcome you back into the Steam family!
ᴼⁿᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵁˢ, ᴼⁿᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵁˢ, ᴼⁿᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵁˢ


@Rykos You’ve definitely joined the club.


@Rykos’s account is now sending the message. :frowning: Hopefully you get your account back soon.


Oh the humanity of it all… why… Why… WHY! NOOO000oooᵒᵒᵒ…!!!



Damn :slightly_frowning_face:

Glad you got your account back though!


dudes I literally came here to shit myself.

I just got the same messages and I have too clicked the link and put my info in, I have since changed my password, but I am very worried I’ll be next…

I am extremely worried about this is there anything else I should do?

this stuff was off fellow chronies so I thought the link was okay! and now everyone is getting compromised and Im very scared :frowning:


Read the stuff above in the thread, that is all you can do. Also maybe try to get ahead of it and tell any steam friends you can in advance


Here are the 5 steps you should follow
If you still have control of your Steam Account that is, otherwise email Steam Support


I do as of right now, I m trying to keep it that was as I DID put my info in the phishing hook.

sorry for not going back up to read everything im in a rush and just want to secure my account.

I wouldn’t know as much if my account does get hacked because Im not using steam as much right now, so please PM me in here (the chrono forums) if you get any messages off me unsolicited

thanks again. <3.


you did fill in your username and password? And used your mobile to confirm? Follow the 5 steps mentioned here
Especially number 2


no I did not have the correct number on there, it didn’t ask me anything about phone numbers.

I deleted the phone number that it added (the phisher added a phone number, thats what game it away to me) and then put my phone number in, and changed the password thats all I’ve done as of now.


No I meant did you use the steam mobile authenticator on your mobile? (When you logged in on that site)
Because if you did, they will have access to your account


no it wasn’t installed then I only just installed it yesterday when this happened, didn’t actually know about it haha I thought steam guard was on the desktop version.

so yeah weird innit? my lack of security might have helped.


ok do you see any other computers have access to your account
If so use


is this good? once we’re done I will be setting it up on my phone.