More coins?

Is there any other way to get coins or just the daily log in?

Just the daily deal coin click

Most of it comes from getting high enough streaks.


gotta hit them legend streaks for the big payouts :+1:


Thats what i thought :rage: How do you get a legendary streak?

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click coin.
Step 3. Repeat every day for 30 days.

After 30-days you get a legendary streak.


try to make it a habit to log in and click the coin around the same time each day, then legendary streak rewards just fly by and you’d have barely noticed the time past


Just to rant here instead of making a new thread. (Hope it’s okay)

I really dislike that the time to collect coins changed with the American daylight savings that happened a week or two back. I got used to getting my coins at 12:00 PM in my time, now I have to wait till 1PM instead, which often throws me off.

I don’t really understand why this had to happen. I mean the people who it affected would still be able to claim before at 12:00PM since it would be available since 11:00AM right? So why change it? Was it something that just happened with their timer as it auto adjusted to the new time in America?


Just to give you the values. (Has some RNG to it)

First time claiming: About 200 - 600 coins
Edit: It’s actually 750 for starter coins
3 day streak: About 100 - 200
7 day streak: About 300 - 400
14 day streak: About 800 - 1000
30 day streak: about 2000 - 2500

Based on my experience and people telling me how much they got at the start.

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Seems about right. And for the 3 day streak it’s definitely 100-200 coins, because I have multiple 3 day streaks for 180+ coins, and also a few in the 100-130 range.

Edit: My starter chest contained 750 coins though, so the range on that is bigger.

There’s no range for it. It’s always 750.

My mistake. I thought I started with 450 and for some reason thought someonexsaid they started with 200 when I recommended them the site.

Don’t know why I thought that.

i’m gonna guess that’s the case
since countries/places that observe daylight savings times, the change happens “automatically”
and any system, like a server, with automated clock, would then “reset” it’s local time to their new “12.00PM” (a “9am reset” in chrono’s regard i think)

for me for instance, our time changed the week before US; so there was a week where the deal/coin reset an hour earlier than normal for me/us
and ofc when US finally changed, it was back to normal and regular check in time, for me

but if your place doesn’t observe daylight savings time at all, then twice a year, systems that do -using local time/serverside, is gonna change and not gonna match up with yours how it used to.
And that’s something you gotta keep in mind, -since not all of the world follows daylight changes, but a bunch do, and times are gonna differ
(really important to remember, for instance, if wanting to get in first on something like Humble bundle-“early rush” sale/price, or such, etc, which i totally forgot ofc lol)

Also keep in mind southern hemisphere daylight savings, we began ours a month ago (AEDT) so the reset time went from 2am to 3am and now with northern daylight savings ending it has gone to 4am.

No more staying up for the coin shop Friday nights, easier to check it when the cat wants breakfast Saturday morning.

My starter chest was 450.

When did you start?
I’m pretty certain the starter chest is a fixed amount and everyone who started around the first few days got 750.

Can you post a screenshot because everyone else has reported 750.

I went down through my entire transaction history and it turned out to be 750.

I just went through my transaction history. I joined on 03/11/2017 and my starter chest was 450.

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It could’ve been a very recent change then.
It was 750 on day 1 at least (08/03/2017) .

Can people start writing the month name in dates please, it’s so confusing.

I’m assuming @AcornAvenger joined 03/Nov/2017 and @Truly is 08/Mar/2017

You guys are doing it properly ddmmyyyy but it’s so hard to tell, damn those Americans and their insistence to confound me with mmddyyyy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: