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Memes, Memes Everywhere


it’s funny how they even provide them with excuses, poor students




This is actually really hilarious… And the funny thing is, I would actually do it. I wonder what the audio says… lol


I used to play a copycat parody game of waldo in the old days of the internet, I would totally do this myself as well.


“Começou, termina.”

You began [telling the tale], you finish [telling the tale].

WHAT GAME?! Don’t leave us hanging!




Crazy News Stories cross-over be like


Oof, you really made me do some research to find it again. Spent like 10 min looking for the wrong site because I didn’t remember the original name. :rofl:

So, Waldo wasn’t really Waldo, nor anybody were an actual person. They were “willies”, it was from an old humor website, Humortadela, “Onde está o Molly?”. You had to find various known personalities and characters from the time, and Molly.


Yes, I struggled finding a good image to showcase, that’s how old it is.

And the site is dead, apparently.







“spooky imposter rat”…

I can never decide on my favorite, since I love a lot of Pokémon, especially from the first two generations (growing up with Yellow and Crystal, and revisiting that old love with SoulSilver a few years ago).

So here’s my top 3 I can think of right now:

  1. thicc and stoned af palm tree

  2. shiny head hentai nightmare

  3. pointy purple dinosaur rodent thing (that is way too smol imo)







Has Sound (fyi):