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EA’s Next controller




No, the buttons are each sold separately as DLC




He’s not a meme, but someone should make one. This is a Leaf Gecko. Two guesses as to what his scarier nomenclature is, really.








The first two might make sense but I will fight to the death for both my ability to keep using them, And that the US date system makes sense because if you use a sort function on a list of dates, the US system will look the most consistent and be the easiest to navigate since the order of dates will be most sensible (since you can see where you are by checking the first digit, which will only vary from 1 to 12 rather than 1 to 31, making the pyramid misleading, although the nesting checks out the ‘relative size’ does not).


This has been discussed before, specially if you’re going for ‘sorting’, yyyy-mm-dd is the optimal. Don’t make me bring Hans and his flammenwerfer into this fight. :face_with_monocle:


Fahrenheit is not an arbitrary scale for when water freezes as it was not based on water to begin with. Rather it was based on the human body temperature being 100. Obviously they weren’t 100% correct. Also if we want to be facetious, Celsius is wrong too. We should be using Kelvin. Last thing to note is that Fahrenheit is a more precise scale than Celsius.

The US format on dates is similar to how I typically hear it spoken. So July 30th, 2019 rather than 30 July, 2019.
Also for some reason, I feel like the month is the most important. No basis on why, just feels that way to me.


yyyy/mm/dd gang represent!

The reason this is the superior format is simple. It sort lexographically, so if you have folders with dates, they will always be in the correct order.

edit: just saw Enki posted the exact same thing







One of the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a good while, figured it fit in well here.