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Memes, Memes Everywhere


this one goes out to all the british chronies




Really Scary!:disappointed_relieved:


Soo apparently THIS WAS A THING.



This is why I don’t social media. Too dense :leaves:


boris would be proud of Chipotle :joy: (serious tho, how stupid are these people? :dizzy_face:)


as someone who has worked retail and at a college restaurant… really stupid and ignorant


I am not familiar with chipotle so I hope I don’t fall under that category of stupid but when ordering wouldn’t it be listed in the description of the product? Correct me if I am wrong here but Bay leaf is just flavour right, do you actually eat it?


No you do not eat bay leaves, they’re supposed to be removed before serving. They are quite hard and tough when wet, shatters when dry, probably quite uncomfortable to swallow.

In a large batch of sauce or stew it’d be easy to miss a few. Workers just doing what they’re told as fast as they can with most of them probably not even knowing what a bay leaf is nor that it should be removed and you’ll end up with a few served to customers.

find one in your taco bowl or salad, not a big deal. Bite into one hidden in a burrito though and I’d be a little annoyed myself.


I think a lot of people cook with bay leaves with the idea that people eating the food would then not eat it. It’s not really a problem to have it in the food in my opinion, but I can see why someone who is not familiar with it might not know what to do with them.

You don’t want to see ignorant and have to ask, but you also may be confused with it.

@Fraggles has clearly indicated they are quite tough to chew, but I know of a family who leaves it in the food because they will pick it up and chew on it, for the sauces on it and also the flavor of the leaves themselves.

There’s some strange myth out there that people have thrown out there that because of how fibrous the leaves are, that they would cut through your intestines if you were to eat it. But this is not true, you can just eat them and that’s fine.

There’s also no doubt in my mind that the pokemon Bayleef that has a razor-sharp leaf that cuts through way more than human guts.


I think it’s funny that the people above in those pictures felt the need to draw attention to it without finding out more about it. “LIKE A LEAF OFF OF A TREE” is true, but it also wasn’t a leaf that just fell off of a tree and accidentally into the bowl of food.


In the Caribbean, that wouldn’t be a thing. Leaves of all sizes are everywhere in food, thyme, parsley etc. Bayleaf is a norm. Some people even leave it (no pun intended) in cupboards as they are supposed to deter weevils in things like flour. (Dunno how well that works). Regardless, it’s a good flavour enhancer. ^^ Smells great as a tea too.

Edited to pet Bayleef. :smile:


Kids, nowadays, are raised on KD and Rotten Ronnies(McDonald’s). They don’t know about real spices or such things as bay leaves.



But they know about the 11 herbs and spices. You saying those aren’t real?


They may be real. But ever since Colonel Sanders died, the chicken is awful.


scotland right now


I think I saved the leaked “recipe” somewhere. Lemme look for it.

Edit: Found it.


Is “Origino” part of the Oregano family? :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


Yeah I would guess so.

Also, within the news article that accompanied where I got that from.
“It was individually hand-breaded and dropped in those pressure cookers. You cooked it until it started turning brown. And then you put the lid on the pressure cooker and brought it to 12 pounds of pressure for 10 minutes. And then you started letting the pressure off, and when you uncapped it and the pressure was off, it was perfect: golden brown and fall-off-the-bone.”


Spicy discussion,ey?(God that was bad)