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Memes, Memes Everywhere


It’s not all that odd, in itself… I mean, the series leaves out a whole bunch of things storyline, timeline, etc wise. Pretty lets anyone, including JK, fill in the blanks as they like. Problem is, these things would have been nice to know while they were casting for the movies. Just saying. (They had a world of time to cast the characters, er ‘properly’ if that were the case). This long after the fact is a bit… odd.


In a way, why would she come out now saying things like this instead of leting it be for the audiens imagination and not say anything at all. :thinking:



i would laugh so hard cuz i sold mine a while back… whatchu gonna fetch boy… i win


@Danacscott Can i has one? Hahah :joy:




LOL. Send me your address and you can have two. Ha ha. I thought the cat butts one were nutty, never saw these ones. =^_^=

@coralinecastell Another Chublord - from the great chicken race. :stuck_out_tongue:




Google has some trouble with images for war flashbacks. This was from a few years ago.

It hasn’t improved recently.


Spooky imposter rat


Triple Dandelion Puffball



Keanu = vampire? lol

heard someone joke that before