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Memes, Memes Everywhere


lil disturbing, lol



WEEeeeel, it’s not like he didn’t WANT to be in the catholic church. He just wanted them to be reasonable about a great number of things. Of course such a request rarely sits well with any established religious power structure.

hooker and blackjack still not quite alright though.
Edit: Meme new and improved


It just be a meme, my duderoo :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the history lesson, though hahahahaah :joy:

Edit: beautiful edit, @Fraggles. Is iT FrOm ThE SiMpSoNs? (This is an internal joke, passersby)




I find these memes about ‘slavs’ drinking heavily funny but in a wrong way. You could consider me a ‘slav’ in terms of these memes (i’m not though) but Italians or Spanish people drink way more alchogol than most of us do in ‘slavia’ .


Me tomorrow:


A genuine honest to goodness: LOL! I :heart: this so much!





@Enki Concur.





The video ended too soon, we didn’t get to see your face under the mask.


That’s hardly necessary, we all know who’s out there setting fires.




They’re rocking a nice beat and you left it off? Outrageous!


@hivefleetbothan’s car