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people cheering at E3, instantly forgetting, forgiving and accepting past company treatment reminded me of this, (did we have this one already recently?)
dang, the formatting just wont size right, click to enlarge/view full strip


I dunno. Thought DLC’s were supposed to be actually extras - though sometimes, it’s like buying a Collector’s Edition for not that much bonus content.

What I really don’t like is episodic games - any more than I like reading a book series out of order. Games being digital does give present customers lots of choices, but personally, I’m not fond of cliffhangers. I guess these days, you buy with the DLCs at the same time to avoid grinding your teeth.



For a second I thought that was a . not a comma.

If you excuse me, I am off to the shops. Going to go buy up some Lego’s.


Well, if you are a meth addict, that would seem like the ultimate lottery.

If you are not and don’t want to get busted for dealing, it would just be a 15-minutes of fame kind of thing.

I thought it was a period instead of a comma as well… lol


if you are a meth addict, legos would be too expensive


nah, u’d acquire them for free and sell them




I really enjoyed that vid… reminds me of myself for a weird reason :laughing:



@Pylinaer I don’t get that one. Free yarn is the obvious version to me, but what’s so special about sockets?


Why isn t 11 pronounced OntyOne?


The joke is generally that men have every tool they need, except for the 10 mm socket. Somehow that got lost. I think it’s also the most commonly used socket too.


Discord users



Here I am thinking, rabies and tetnus shots…