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Memes, Memes Everywhere


Haha,slow but optimistic :smiley: ( but yeah,people are stupid ) .


I think George Carlin said this:
The average IQ is 100. So think of your average person and realize that half the people are stupider.


This may come across as pedantic, but I saw it less as a brain cell issue and more of a greed issue, with most anti-climate change people being either the ones who stand to profit from it the most (at least in the short term) or the politicians they bribe lobby to their side.


But then there’s the people who go out and say things like “Hey look it’s snowing so much today, this proves there’s no global warming!” which are people who just simply do not have a grasp of the basic concept.

On the other side of course I hear almost as frequently people saying the same thing “It’s so warm today, how can people NOT believe global warming?” which is equally dumb.

Local fluctuations in weather is not an indication of the state of the global climate. You can only really see changes when collecting sufficient data over a long period of time. We are seeing those changes but last years heavy snow fall is not it.


good ol days






i’m ded… :rofl: this show is just killing me every, dang, time :joy:



This amused me greatly, given J.K. Rowlings’ propensity to state that one or more of her characters are indeed this and/or that miscellaneous marginalized minority after the fact, instead of taking a real stance and actually stating it as canon in any of her works.


It’s not all that odd, in itself… I mean, the series leaves out a whole bunch of things storyline, timeline, etc wise. Pretty lets anyone, including JK, fill in the blanks as they like. Problem is, these things would have been nice to know while they were casting for the movies. Just saying. (They had a world of time to cast the characters, er ‘properly’ if that were the case). This long after the fact is a bit… odd.


In a way, why would she come out now saying things like this instead of leting it be for the audiens imagination and not say anything at all. :thinking:



i would laugh so hard cuz i sold mine a while back… whatchu gonna fetch boy… i win


@Danacscott Can i has one? Hahah :joy:




LOL. Send me your address and you can have two. Ha ha. I thought the cat butts one were nutty, never saw these ones. =^_^=

@coralinecastell Another Chublord - from the great chicken race. :stuck_out_tongue: