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Memes, Memes Everywhere





I can’t remember who posted a video of this guy, but there you go, this is for you




only liking for the minecraft youtuber meme because that’s beautiful. :+1:


Bonus meme for my boi @Enki so he gets losta mentions and stops whining feels loved. :hugs:

(Sorry it’s such a shit meme but I had to share lmao)




Though Harambe’s demise was horrifically tragic and breaks my heart, this meme IS hilarious AF… just sayin’



@NICK9X9 That’s so Markiplier playing horror games, lol.


Real life could be like this, but alas, we are mostly jerks.


Is that not how normal people pass?

That would explain the strange looks in the hallway I keep getting.






This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.




higher-ups intervened i’m pretty sure cuz shitposting, rofl, i was just posting

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as a response to every post that had been removed by its author, been doing that for a while actually, but never several in a row, lol, so i guess it was deemed to obnoxious this time around, which is quite fair, lol

i learned recently that when a mod or higher-up removes yr post it appears as if it was flagged, even if it wasnt