Massive FREE expansion to EtG TODAY


A huge FREE expansion to Enter the Gungeon is coming to PC TODAY! (consoles pending approval)
so get out your key hats and lets go gungeoneers!

the tweet has the best information I’m just letting all you cool cats know :wink:

we could predict whats in it besides the new rooms, weapons, and “more generous drop rates” that were already confirmed, I was hoping they’d put in internet multiplayer, for if I ever get any friends who want to play games with me >.>


I have been waiting so long for this…

I played a bit recently… so rusty… lol…


I’m surprised they are still working on this and haven’t abandoned it like EA would :open_mouth:

even years after release its still garnering attention.


They announced this expansion a long time ago, well before the payday 2 update.

I think they had trouble with putting everything in place and trying to find better balance.

I am all for better drop rates, I always enjoy a more chill and fun run with funny and funky gun combos than using the base weapon to slowly move through the rooms…

Except for secret character #2… I love that starting weapon… lol…


oh I never heard it mate xD well now they’ve annouced its confirmed release that better news eh?

but hey It turns out I’d been working with the worst base weapon in the game for 80% of my career, (and will do again when I finish everyone elses past) so now Im playing as the marine or the convict everything is just so weak to the main weapon xD I haven’t actually unlocked number 2 yet :open_mouth: you saw I have #1, I know how to get #2 its just taking a few runs to find them all :3 I have 3-4/5 so far :smiley: I can’t wait to see what HE can do :open_mouth: he was so interesting as a character when I read about him.


Why drag Konami into this? :frowning:

I mean, they are adding VR support to a PS2 game. That’s pretty long-term support if you ask me.


oh my god can’t anyone just hate a game company anymore? xD

that’s actually pretty fucking decent good job to them

they’re only thinking of fan service, but still good job.

will have to google, also change company name.


yo do u use kb/m or controller? what’s best? (in case i ever play it again… i do love that game)


I’ve used both, the main difference is when using controllers when you’re aiming with the right stick the camera moves with it, so you’re blocking off any view you had behind you or whatever, I’m always getting sneaked on, but I kinda like it at the moment, I’m just used to it being that way, I always think the mouse doesn’t feel right, im a console baby.


i know for a fact that’s not the only difference u can also get hella auto aim with controller


oh is that why sometimes the gun just AIMS in the right direction?

I thought that was because of the accuracy of a weapon… hmm I am often wanting those precise shots.

but I remember dying a lot with a mouse… but that was when I was a wee baboo who hadn’t even played that much on PC… hmm well please let us all know the differences because I’ve never researched into that specifically :smiley:

the one I mentioned is my main gripe with controller, I ain’t too bothered about an auto aim.


there’s actually a setting for the auto aim, u can increase and decrease it


Eh, bashing companies is all good and fun. I’m just a bit of a buzzkill, and I do love a good r/whooosh worthy comment.

inb4 “You must be fun at parties”


also u guys r talking about secret characters and i didnt even know there were any, so would u say this game is better played blind (is it possible to find everything that way over time?) or is this just not the right type of game for that?


The game has aim assist for controller, so if you want to maintain that console feel, that’s okay.

Personally I find dodging and shooting to be easier with WASD and mouse. So that’s my go to set up. I think it’s odd playing with the aim-assist with the controller, honestly. Once I settled with the Kb/M, that really stuck with me.

It really is one of my favorite games. :slight_smile:

Blind or not, the secret characters are pretty ridiculously difficult to unlock. Even if you know how to do it, it’s a completely different story from doing it yourself. You just have to play it to get better, unlock a ton of items and weapons one by one through repetition.

It is repetitive once you get used to the room layouts, so you can certainly start to anticipate enemy spawns, some rooms I know with my eyes closed which enemies spawned where. I am looking forward to seeing the new rooms and and things they are introducing in the new update.

I can talk on and on about this game… just don’t know how to fashion a review in Steam’s 8000 character limit. I would want to keep it relatively spoiler free, of course. Once I finally get down to writing it, I guess I will make something work.

Oh, by the way, Hollow Knight is coming out with a huge free update in August too… that’s going to be exciting as well…

I realize I didn’t answer your question. Your experience is probably best if played blind and discovering things on your own. But there are a couple of things that are not really intuitive to do or to find, trial and error is okay if you plan to spend a lot of time in this game, because the runs are fairly lengthy. My runs are about an hour each, maybe a little bit shorter, when I was running through the entire game.

But the repetition and improving your skills is so important to getting better for the end game.

By the way, my Steam hours are inaccurate… I played this game at least 300 hours up to this point… I was playing a ton offline for weeks on end… I didn’t know at the time that playing in offline mode doesn’t register your hours…


I would recommend blind, if you see a weapon and read its description and go “that makes no f ing sense.” then looking on the wiki wont kill you, and when you think you’re done, check the wiki, thats what I did to find the hidden characters, it doesn’t even tell you there ARE any there so I wouldn’t feel bad looking up how to unlock them, but I think they will both just happen if you leave time be long enough, you may happenstance upon one. :slight_smile:


Kyle actually unlocked hidden character #1, who in my opinion is way harder to unlock than #2.

I would not care to guess how many times I failed before getting that first secret character…

Both hidden characters have pasts too, really quite exciting.


you really think so?

huh I’ll take that as a compliment thank you.

it just happened to be the order they seemed to be on the wiki xD

I didn’t think either of them were hard per say, the one Maoski says is hard is the harder one though, you need to limit yourself in a certain way, and there are ways around it, my way was to get the wax wings whenever I could :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh gosh, yes…

Second secret character just takes time and observation.

But the first… uhh… that dodgeroll… I kicked myself so many times… (because I love to dodgeroll into a room, and frickin rat! after the room locks!)


yes I really like what they did with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love just waiting to see if its that room or not xD


really? thats a hard habit to get out of to be honest haha… I can see why that might have caused problems xD I thought you meant dropping it down a hole but wow thats worse… I hope you’ve done it now xD