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Not trying to be rude or anything but it seems like you live in 1990’s . Noone really views video games as ‘nerdy’ or gamers as ‘strange’ for a quite some time. Video game market is so huge ( in fact bigger than movies and music combined ) that almost everyone plays some sort of video game these days. Be it from hardcore PC gamers to someone playing candycrush while taking a poop.


or eating candy while playing a poop game


Or eating poop while taking a candy.


Or pooping candy while eating your crush…





Did you guy see this from the last post? I secretly hope that @Gnuffi is going to say hi one of these days and tell us that he’s doing well. But seeing this gives me hope…


I just saw it as well and thought he’s back and just preparing his two chapter long “I’m back” post :smiley:

also because of this: image


He is doing OK. it’s family stuff. He will be back when he is ready.“Mom has his back”… :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Ya, it’s super, super annoying. The <= 2015 Macbook Pro keyboards are fine, have had ones that I literally used for 3+ years in metal and wood shop environments w/ tons of different kinds of dust and had no problems.

I started having double/triple presses and stuck keys w/ this after using it in a office setting where I eat lunch at my desk a lot after only 6 months.

And several of the keys are literally wearing down in places and chipping off bits of plastic around the letters.

I guess I just don’t appreciate the sacrifice made to the keyboard for the 2-3mm or w/e thinner chasis.


I demand black fabric that doesn’t suck up lint like a wireless vacuum cleaner. >.<

#needtogetmyJohnnyCash on.