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I demand that Borderlands 3 be given to every Steam user with Borderlands 2 in their library to be used on Steam, as an apology for putting it on Epic Games.


I demand launching Google Stadia right now. Cause I cant run Broderlands 3 :frowning:


I demand that the Cuphead DLC doesn’t get delayed and releases today.


I demand that Persona 5 be ported to PC AND get ported to Mac.

Oh, and please destroy the Epic Games Store.

(and while you’re doing these two things please add AAA titles to the coin shop for one coin each and make them infinite stock please :japanese_goblin:)


Wait, I thought that already happened. EDIT: It releases tomorrow.

You mean like what Fallout 76 did, just with Steam keys instead? :slight_smile:


Nope lol. that’s kinda stupid of them to have a “hard copy” with no disc.




So demanding things online actually works.

I demand 100 gold bars under my bed tomorrow.


I demand that Apple fix their hiliarously bad butterfly keyboards before I revert to my neckbeard state, buy a Thinkpad, and install linux.


I demand they do not do this so that you install Linux and our neckbeards become one.


I demand nEW gaMES In THE COIN SHOP (wtf those Chrono guys haven’t like updated the coin shop in like 5 years???!?!?!?!??!!?)


ikr, and now i also get why u heff to be mad


lmao coin shop st0pid kek


I demand that I get more demands

I demand that instead of destroying the world we heal it

I also demand my assignment complete itself.


I demand a similar painting of @coralinecastell’s doggo.

I demand she uses all her blood, tears and superior water colour painting skills to do it.

I demand it being delivered to my doorstep and hung up above my bed by tomorrow morning so I can wake up seeing the most glorious of doggos in all his chunky shininess.

That is all.


This is one of the best Chrono posts anyone has ever tagged me on. :dog2:

I’ll keep working on watercolor (in fact haven’t posted anything here yet but will) and when I can encapsulate 1/10th of the chomnk with my brushstrokes I shall send you a piece via mail. :yellow_heart:


Talking about this???


I demand that EA and Activision Blizzard reduce microtransactions from skins, lootboxes, etc.
I demand that gamers are taken seriously and are not viewed as nerds or strange people.


ReviewTechUSA sorta just did a video talking about that.


The Mac’s keyboard is probably one of the only things that I like about Macbooks (actually, I have an older model, so I probably don’t have the bufferfly keyboard). That being said though, Apple, get your s**t together.