Make Your Demands Here

I demand Rockstar Games immediately release Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC with a free copy of Red Dead Redemption 1 Remastered.

srsly, have some mercy, i can’t take it anymore, it’s like every 2 weeks i google if there’s any other news regarding that

anyways, as the topic says, make yr demands here, whatever they may be or however unrealistic


I demand that borderlands 3 is on steam tomorrow and it is 50% off to say sorry for putting it on epic.


i demand that my brother comes back from abroad and comes swimming with me
i demand pancakes. a lot of them
i demand that i found it easier to talk to people


While you are waiting for that to happen you can look at my copy.


I demand a new Chao Garden and/or Sonic Adventure 3! I don’t care if it’s been 20 years, it better happen!


Every time I look in my steam library I see that sonic adventure 2 sitting there and debate whether I want to play just so I can have a chao garden again.


I demand for to provide the following:

  • Have the kitties run business for a single day. Get them to write a daily deal message posting, etc.
  • Provide an office tour either by photos or video.
  • Reimburse us all with $20.
  • A computer game developed by the staff and it’s themed around kitties and ethical resellers.
  • Reimburse us all with 420,000 Chrono coins and lower all Coin Shop games to a price ceiling of 100 coins.
  • Appoint me and six random others as moderators.
  • Cancel all above demands because I don’t actually need/want any of them. My reasons are purely trolling and are NOT to be taken seriously. (Especially the last one, that’ll make these forums burn.)

You definitely should. It’s always fun to see the outcomes without looking anything up. I spent a few days there last year.
It’s just a side part of the games but there’s so much to do there. I remember transferring chao between SA1 and SA2 as a kid too, fun times.


I had friends who had the game boy games and so we transferred them every once in a while. I remember doing a ton of experimenting before hearing a rumor from my friends about the chaos chao. That was probably the first big video game secret I had to research online how to do.


I demand early retirement so I’ll actually have time to game

Also a free car would be really nice


I demand everyone has food and medical care.I demand everyone gets a house of their choosing. I demand everyone respect everyone and stop all wars. I Demand peace on Earth and the universe and good will to ALL!


I demand that all DLCs shall always be free as long as you bought the base game.



Me with GTA 5, so you will too. :blush:


i did too with gta 5 dude, and now again :grimacing: and it’s been how long for RDR 1?

waiting for RDR1 is like waiting for HL3 at this point, lol


I demand that all online retail stores have regional pricing.

I demand an end to pre-purchasing.

I demand equal pay for equal work for all developers regardless of gender or ethnicity.

I demand and end to or, at least, less crunching in game development.

I demand Ni No Kuni I for PC.

I demand another Monkey Island game.

I demand Journey on the Steam store.


that’s all – for now lol


I bought Journey from Epic because I had to play it and I’m not such a pie rat as younger me. I was left…underwhelmed, I think because I’d hyped it up so much in my head. It was lovely, don’t get me wrong, but I certainly felt a little flat afterwards.

Oh! I demand…nothing…nada…zilch


I demand a mobile app for Android and IOS.


I demand people learn how to pass Police Cars or move over instead of sitting in the left lane just behind the Police Car.

  • I demand that all Triple A developers/Publishers reform and actually listen to there customer base.

  • I demand that EGS would no longer be run by a bunch of baboons and you know properly compete against the other game launchers.

  • I demand that games don’t get censored because a minor few, a company or a country doesn’t agree with it.

  • I demand that there will be more hard copies of pc games for sale that come with a steam key and are on discount more often.

  • I demand we all should just enjoy video games and just forget about the world while playing.