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Lottery 2: Banner Saga 2, Frostpunk, Dreamstones, Life Is Strange, Furi, and ...


Lottery 2: Bountiful Harvest :herb:

During which moon phase will your harvest yield the greatest bounty?

Code of honour

This is an all-inclusive lottery where everyone has a fair chance at winning a prize. Winners will be selected by a fair dice roll provided by @discobot. Cheaters and fraudsters are not allowed and will be disqualified.

Each participant in this thread is here to carry out a smooth lottery. This process involves considerable work and others have been extremely generous to make these prize available to the community. If you want us to keep running these, please help me uphold the code of honour.


  1. Banner Saga 2 (Steam)
  2. Frostpunk (Steam) – provided by @RaccoonV
  3. Dreamstones (Steam) – provided by @DontBeSilly
  4. Life Is Strange (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Steam)
  5. Furi (Steam) – provided by @RaccoonV
  6. and … :gift: TIS-100 (Steam)


By the end of the lottery, if your account is…

  1. more than one (1) week old, you must –

    • Have three (3) posts in unique non-giveaway threads
  2. less than one (1) week old, you must –

    • Upload an avatar
    • Write something in your About Me section
    • Earn the Certified badge by completing the new user tutorial. Every member receives their first PM from @discobot - check your inbox for details.
    • Earn any other five (5) other badges
    • Have three (3) posts in unique non-giveaway threads

How to enter

  1. From the following table –

    Harvest (20) Moon Phase (4)
    :grapes: :avocado: :coconut: :eggplant: :pear: :new_moon:
    :cherries: :lemon: :corn: :potato: :mushroom: :first_quarter_moon:
    :carrot: :strawberry: :kiwi_fruit: :melon: :tomato: :full_moon:
    :watermelon: :tangerine: :pineapple: :peach: :broccoli: :last_quarter_moon:
  2. Choose six (6) unique Harvest items

  3. Choose one (1) Moon Phase

  4. Submit your entry by posting your selection in this thread

The Draw

At the end of the lottery, six (6) unique Harvest items and one (1) Moon Phase will be drawn at random. The drawing will be used to score your entry. The highest scoring entries will be eligible to pick a prize.

Harvest items have no relation to the Moon Phase. Neither Harvest items nor Moon Phases are related to the numbered prizes.

Entry Example

:cherries: :kiwi_fruit: :tomato: :corn: :carrot: :potato: :last_quarter_moon:

This valid entry contains six (6) unique Harvest items and one (1) Moon Phase


  • Everyone starts with a base score of 1
  • An in-order Harvest match multiplies score by ×3
  • An out-of-order Harvest match multiplies score by ×2
  • A Moon Phase match multiples score by ×4
  • A non-match multiplies score by ×1

For entry and scoring examples, see Lottery 1.

Differences from Lottery 1

  • There are twenty (20) items to choose from instead of (10)
  • Entries will pick six (6) items instead of three (3)
  • The new Moon Phase pick has a bonus multiplier of four (×4)

Reasoning for changes is supported in the Lottery 1 results.


  • All entrants will be ranked by score and the top (5) entries will get to pick a prize. Your scoring position determines the order you will pick a prize in –
    • First place gets first pick
    • Second place gets second pick
    • Third place gets the third pick…
    • And so on, until there are no prizes remaining.
  • Winners will be contacted via PM and asked to submit a list of their prize preferences
  • Entry submission time will be used to resolve score ties - an earlier entry gets scored higher


  • The lottery begins now
  • The lottery ends on Apr 11 at 9:00 AM (PDT)
  • Entries are locked after the :game_die: appear. You can edit your entries up until this point
  • After the drawing, winners will receive a PM to claim their prize
  • Unclaimed prizes will reclaimed after 24 hours

Have fun

If you have any questions, just ask and someone should be happy to help you. Best of luck to all who enter :four_leaf_clover:


:broccoli: :pear: :lemon: :tangerine::corn: :carrot:


i would give away all content of my fridge for Banner Saga :smiley:


:peach: :melon: :potato: :lemon: :coconut: :pear: :new_moon:




:strawberry::potato::watermelon::mushroom::pineapple::carrot: :new_moon:

Lets see how we go this time!


:broccoli: :peach: :potato: :kiwi_fruit: :carrot: :watermelon: :full_moon:




goodluck dudes, also life is strange thooooooooooooooooooo.


Wow! Thanks @ohko for another go at this and so soon! And Thanks @RaccoonV and @DontBeSilly for additional donations.

Last Lottery I got a total multiplier by 1, so hopefully do a little better this time. hehe.

:eggplant::watermelon::pear::peach::cherries::grapes: :first_quarter_moon:

Looking forward to the draw!

PS: People, I am post #9, why am I the first like on this giveaway lottery?


:cherries: :tomato: :strawberry: :watermelon: :mushroom: :peach: :last_quarter_moon:

Thanks for another giveaway :smiley:




Thanks for the lottery!

:avocado: :coconut: :cherries: :kiwi_fruit: :watermelon: :broccoli: :new_moon:


Because it could be dangerous to like things in these threads. Never know, better safe than sorry!


Thanks for continuing to put efforts into these giveaways. There are actually some games i want here but i have some still to play in my library…the conundrum if whether to enter or not… Hmmm.



Thank you once again for the giveaways and thank you guys for the donations!


You are not alone anymore!


:grapes::tangerine::lemon::watermelon::strawberry::pineapple: :first_quarter_moon:

Thanks for doing this!


:broccoli: :kiwi_fruit: :corn: :melon: :pear: :avocado: :last_quarter_moon:
Good luck to everyone, and thanks once more to @ohko for the giveaways!



Thanks for another chance! Good luck everyone!