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Lottery 2: Banner Saga 2, Frostpunk, Dreamstones, Life Is Strange, Furi, and ...


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Cool idea, I’ll try this one out :slight_smile:


Fascinating! I simply must try.



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Good luck everyone!


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Thanks for more free stuff @ohko @RaccoonV and last but certainly not least @DontBeSilly !
I don’t know how you keep coming up with methods that ive never even thought of @ohko Hahahaha
Good luck to all other entrants!


Good luck to everyone that is participating! :slight_smile:


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Another great giveaway, ohko dear! Thank you so much. Happy you included chonky broccoli!


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On phone, so no pictures


Never know?! It’s more dangerous not to read the OP :smiling_imp:

Once a trap, but not always a trap :hole:


Sounds fun I’ll enter this time too just cos the games look gud owo

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Thanks for the chance ^^ good luck ppl


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Thanks for organizing unique giveaways like this @ohko and thanks to @RaccoonV and @DontBeSilly for adding up on the great prizes! With those prizes I couldn’t force myself to stay out this time. Cheers!

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:kiwi_fruit: :watermelon: :pineapple: :corn: :broccoli: :avocado: :first_quarter_moon:


thank you for the giveaway!



This is real epic of you to do all of these giveaways


not sure if i can joy this lottery

but i would like to test my luck
:broccoli: :peach: :eggplant: :pear: :mushroom: :strawberry: :first_quarter_moon:


:cherries: :avocado: :melon: :kiwi_fruit: :grapes: :mushroom: :last_quarter_moon:

Thanks for the lottery!




Thanks for the lottery again and thanks to those who are supplying the games! Good luck everyone! :grin:
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Thanks for entering @chronicleops. In order to qualify for entry, you just need to participate in some of the other threads before the lottery ends. You have a two (2) days to make two (2) more posts in non-giveaway threads :fairy:

This qualification aims to shift a take (me) mentality towards a give (we) mentality. We’re happy to host giveaways but we ask everyone to contribute to what makes our community great. You might not have games to give away, but everyone has something to offer – maybe share your unique perspective or an insight on something that’s influenced you.