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Lottery 2: Banner Saga 2, Frostpunk, Dreamstones, Life Is Strange, Furi, and ...




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Cool idea, I’ll try this one out :slight_smile:


Fascinating! I simply must try.



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Good luck everyone!


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Thanks for more free stuff @ohko @RaccoonV and last but certainly not least @DontBeSilly !
I don’t know how you keep coming up with methods that ive never even thought of @ohko Hahahaha
Good luck to all other entrants!


Good luck to everyone that is participating! :slight_smile:


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Another great giveaway, ohko dear! Thank you so much. Happy you included chonky broccoli!


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On phone, so no pictures


Never know?! It’s more dangerous not to read the OP :smiling_imp:

Once a trap, but not always a trap :hole:


Sounds fun I’ll enter this time too just cos the games look gud owo

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Thanks for the chance ^^ good luck ppl


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Thanks for organizing unique giveaways like this @ohko and thanks to @RaccoonV and @DontBeSilly for adding up on the great prizes! With those prizes I couldn’t force myself to stay out this time. Cheers!

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:kiwi_fruit: :watermelon: :pineapple: :corn: :broccoli: :avocado: :first_quarter_moon:


thank you for the giveaway!



This is real epic of you to do all of these giveaways


not sure if i can joy this lottery

but i would like to test my luck
:broccoli: :peach: :eggplant: :pear: :mushroom: :strawberry: :first_quarter_moon:


:cherries: :avocado: :melon: :kiwi_fruit: :grapes: :mushroom: :last_quarter_moon:

Thanks for the lottery!




Thanks for the lottery again and thanks to those who are supplying the games! Good luck everyone! :grin:
:grapes: :eggplant: :kiwi_fruit: :melon: :pineapple: :watermelon: :last_quarter_moon: