Lost my coin streak even though I checked daily. Is this even possible?

I am absolutely sure I clicked the damn coin yesterday, and yet, it’s not registered. A 19-day streak is gone, so I guess I have no chance of actually getting the only game I didn’t already own.

Can this happen ? Did I forgot a day from my life?
Could I have my streak back :frowning: ?


Hey Nick, we’ll look into this!


Please do, the same thing happened to me. I’ve clicked the coin daily but for whatever reason I’m back to 1 now. :frowning:

Same for me, I made a post about it yesterday

Glad to hear to it. I don’t know if it has any correlation but I logged in from my phone on my way home, and when I checked my streak from my PC it was gone.

Despite the outcome, thanks for taking the time. And thanks for doing this whole thing with the coins :smiley:


I also lost my coin streak randomly today. Thank you

I’m not completely sure but i think the same thing happened to me 3 days ago!


the same happened to me today, have logged in yesterday for the 18th time and now i have a streak of one day only :fearful:

Please help me too!

Thank you very much


If you believe you’ve lost your streak wrongly, please send us an email at help@chrono.gg and we’ll investigate. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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This happened to me too :frowning: was suprised as I religiously check the site haha

weird. same thing happened to me a few days ago :c

happened to me on day 6 (made a post about it) .
i was kicked back to day 1 just as i was about to get my first 7 day chest.
i love big chests so was rather annoyed.


Happened to me as well, was on 12 days only to find out I’m back to square one today :frowning:

Are you sure that you clicked it on April Fools?

There was a coin icon underneath the black hole

my coin said i had already clicked it. yesterday during april fools i figured it was part of the april fools joke and didn’t think too much until my streak was reset when i checked a second ago.

This has just happend to me as well. I collected yesterday’s deal on mobile so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Regardless, it shows all my previous coin collections were made within a 24hour period of one anotehr. Thanking you.

Would you mind emailing us at help@chrono.gg? We’re looking into all of these reports. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Okay, will send an Email.

I think I also lost my streak. Can’t remember if I clicked the coin or not, but I have a reminder on my PC set (which I log into every day), so I doubt I missed it. Thought I was gonna get a big streak soon, but I just got 3 day even though I passed that a while ago. Not the first time I feel like it’s done this.

second time this has happened to me
come on guys
all I wanted to do was get enough coins for brigador, or at the very least sots